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Thursday, December 19, 2013


It's that time of year again.....when perhaps we all look back over the year that is coming to and end and look forward  to a New Year filled with new experiences, simple pleasures and Peace.

In wishing you a  wonderful Christmas, wherever you are and however you celebrate it, may I also wish you all the things that you hope for yourselves, your families and friends in the coming year.

Thank you for your lovely messages - for Following or popping in to my Blog in 2013 - and for the really super Blogs I've enjoyed reading too which have been fun and inspiring.

Thank you for looking - Happy Christmas


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Doctor in the House....

Actually I've had a rotten cold/'flu this last week so the thought of a Doctor on hand would have been quite appealing.
Fortunately this 1930s/40s Doctor and his wife were finished and posted before I completely succumbed.

Brief Blog then folks, just to introduce the Doc and his wife Penelope - in 1/12th scale.  It's not the greatest picture but I think I was a little wobbly when I took the photograph, so I hope you get the general idea.

Clearly a devoted couple, he's very 'correct' and I'm sure she's very much the perfect wife and is probably tidying her 'new' 1930s/40s house, right now so that it looks band-box fresh when he returns from the Surgery.

Thank you for looking

Monday, November 25, 2013

After the Fair.......The Tudors

First of all many thanks to Freda and George for a lovely Exhibition at Haddenham on Saturday - it was lovely to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. I'm sure the funds of Hearing dogs for Deaf People and Leukaemia and Lymphona Research have been swelled as a result.

It was a most enjoyable day and as well as out own individual stands as Coombe Crafts and KT Miniatures, Celia and I had the opportunity of a display stand to show all Nostalgia In Miniature Workshop projects together....they looked super, and we were very thrilled to have so many enthusiastic comments. It also gave us the opportunity to give a first mention of  the New Spring Workshop - Round the Back of the Gardener's Cottage. Details will be finalised in January and up on our website then.  In the meantime if you're interested and would like to be kept informed do get in touch.

I've certainly been tripping around the centuries with my recent commissions and I've loved creating this 1/12th scale Tudor Cook - she looks a cheery soul, although I imagine she had to work very hard to produce a meal in those times.

I've been watching the Tudor Monastry Farm series on BBC2 with Ruth Goodman - brilliant and very inspiring - and I'm dying to make some more Tudor  characters when I have time`

Thank you for looking

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Are you thinking of coming along to the Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition and Fair on Saturday - 23rd November at Haddenham Village Hall? It will be a lovely day, and is always very popular.

We shall be there on our Coombe Crafts stand and, with Celia my chum of KT Miniatures on hers, also manning our Nostalgia in Miniature Workshop display featuring all our past projects in both 1/12th and 1/24th scale and bringing details of our exciting new Spring Workshop .  Do come and say hello!

As you can see I'm still in a bit of a muddle, finishing off some last-minute 1/24th scale characters to bring - we shall also be discounting our handmade furniture in 1/12th and 1/24th scale - just for the day.

Our Nostalgia in Miniature Workshop display will feature all of our projects, so the table will be full -  and we shall also have the unique Seaside Scene, created for the Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine which we are selling with 50%  of the sale price to Breast Cancer Campaign. We are happy to take offers on the day, so please come and have a chat if you're interested.

'When Father Papered the Parlour....the week before Christmas!'    
The Seaside Scene will be for for sale
I'm sure it will be a splendid day from 10.00am until 4.00pm -  Entrance is £4 for adults and £1 for children and this all goes to the two very important charities, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Lymphona and Leukaemia Research.

In addition to large displays by four local Dolls House Clubs, there will be three or four others, including a Lego railway, which sounds fun! AND a very special dolls house, beautifully decorated by James Parker and featured in Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine is to be sold by Sealed Bid Auction.

If you're looking treat yourself or perhaps buy a Christmas present for a miniaturist friend, there will be a number of traders this year - so lots to choose from!!  Then of course, there's the charity raffle and refreshments....wonderful cake!!

The Village Hall is in the centre of this lovely village and easy to find  (HP17 8EE) just off the main Thame/Aylesbury road - buses run frequently from Aylesbury and Oxford and the Haddenham and Thame Parkway Railway Station is close by.
Sadly this will be the last Haddenham Dolls House Exhibiton  - Freda and George are taking honourable retirement having run it for many years - so let's make it extra special.

Lucie Roper, the Editor of Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine has asked me to put up the link for the next exciting project in the WW1 theme - here it is - enjoy!

Thank you for looking

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Father Christmas and Some Little Friends....

Christmas is creeping up - rather too fast  - so it only seems fitting that Father Christmas should come with me to Haddenham Village Hall next weekend to add some festive appeal to the Coombe Crafts stand. Thought you might like a preview!

As you can see he's a 1/24th little chap and has some young friends with him hoping to find some lovely presents under their own Christmas trees this year. We'll have a selection of toys they might like too...

We're looking forward to attending The Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition and Fair on Saturday 23rd November in the Village Hall - Haddenham is easy to find conveniently situated  between Thame and Aylesbury - HP17 8EE.

This is always a lovely event and Freda and George Dorrell have organised it for years to raise funds for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Lymphona and Leukaemia Research, showcasing the work of a number of local Dolls House and Miniature Clubs.  A small number of artisans have stands including us (Coombe Crafts) and KT Miniatures which means there's lots to look and and purchase too. Celia and I (KT Miniatures) will also be squeezing in our Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops display stand so if you'd like to know more do come and say 'hello' and take a look at  the unique projects that have been created in the workshops and find out about our exciting new one.

This year will be the last time that Freda and George organise the Exhibition so we all want to make it a very special day, have a lovely time, and swell the funds of these important charities to say thank you to two exceptional people.

Thank you for looking
p.s. If you're reading this P. - I'll take along your very special ordered Santa!

Friday, November 8, 2013


This Sunday people will gather together on Remembrance Sunday to honour the many thousands of military personnel and civilians too, who sacrified their lives for the freedom we have today. Others paid with damaged health and minds.

The ceremonies - some very large and some quite tiny -  are all moving and important and sometimes very hard to bear for those attending.

On Remembrance Day itself, Monday 11th November we shall pause during the traditional silence and think of them all.

Thank you

It's All about Variety!

In the last two or three weeks I've sculpted and costumed down the miniature scales from 1/12th, then 1/16th down to 1/24th....haven't got on to the 1/48th characters I need to make.......but I will!

The rather grand late 18th Century gents in 1/12th scale were a super commission which allowed me a bit of fun with trimmings and posh wigging for a change - I enjoyed that!  They do have hats as you can see from the smaller picture, but they weren't fixed permanently to the heads so the new owner could decide if they were to wear them or not, so they do rather sit on top in the photo I'm afraid.

And next came the 1/16th family who are just about to take up residence as lodgers with the very nice old couple in Wales you met in the previous blog. Like everyone else I shall have to follow their adventures on Jenni's blog 
As you can see, they were created in a bit of a muddle!!

Then along come Hilda and May in 1/24th scale!  A couple of cheery ladies who look as if they might be off to brew up with their W.V.S. chums at the village hall during World War 2.

As I said at the's all about variety!
Thank you for looking

Friday, November 1, 2013

Do You Read The Comments??

......well, if you're like me...sometimes you do, sometimes not....If you've dipped in here recently you may have seen some witty and intriguing comments about a certain Grandad and Grandma.

At the back end of last year I created Grandma Jean and Grandpa Roland in 1/16th scale for Jenni, and they moved into their vintage property....vintage dolls houses are often 1/16th scale...
Disaster struck recently in the form of the dreaded WOODWORM and they had to move out pretty fast while remedial work was undertaken.  Very fortunately my great mate Celia - of KT Miniatures fame had exactly the perfect replacement genuine vintage property and they're moving in!! Grandma doesn't like the curtains...but ....

Are you wondering where this is going??? Jenni has a super Blog, so if you'd like to follow the hilarious adventures of this intrepid couple as they sort out the woodworm and refurbish their 'new' vintage home, rush over to .... ....and if you are searching for the perfect Vintage or Antique house as well (and much more), check out Celia's website - KT Miniatures.

What Grandpa probably doesn't know is that Grandma has an identical twin............

...word on the block is that the oldies may have to take in lodgers to cover the costs of repairs watch this space....and Jenni's!

Thank you for looking

Saturday, October 26, 2013 coming !

I've lovely customers who've been very patient this last year as I've had less time than usual to work on my doll making.
So at last here's another 1/12th character about to join his two companions in the long trek across the pond to a new life!

I hope the surprise of opening the parcel won't be spoiled if I share a picture of Angus, complete with his bagpipes with my blog readers.

This is another character positively demanding detail, so his kilt is well-pleated, the pin is in place and of course his sporran.  The bagpipes are always a bit of a challenge, but he looks happy enough with them I think.  I'm just finishing off two very posh C18th gents - loads of detail - lots of fun.  I'll show you next time.

Now I must make inroads into 1/16th, 1/24th and 1/48th commissions.....not all at the same time though...brain and eyes can't take that!

I promised I'd let you know when the next Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine World War 1 project was available - here it is - click on this link

Thank you for looking

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Still In 1/12th Scale...

What's really nice about working in 1/12th scale is that the detail is important - and it's rather nice to be able to concentrate on it.

The Nursemaid has just gone to meet the baby she's supposed to be looking after, and the old Sailor is heading off to take up his new life as well.

If you've looked in on my Blog over the last year or two you will have seen other old Salty Sams but I like to think that as the sculpt is always a one-off, they have slightly different characters. This time when I was photographing I was able to take advantage of using our Nostalgia In Miniature Victorian Seaside as a backdrop.  You might remember that Celia Thomas and I created this for the Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine a few months ago.

It's been really interesting to hear from ladies who, having bought the magazine, are following our instructions and creating their own seaside scene. (It would be lovely to see them.) The actual Seaside is for sale and we are donating 50%  to Breast Cancer Campaign, so if you feel tempted to create a diorama around a seaside theme but don't want to build it yourself, would like to see more pictures of it, and get the details - click on our website.

In other news we are looking forward to attending The Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition and Fair on 23rd November at Haddenham Village Hall - conveniently situated half way between Thame and Aylesbury. 
This is always a lovely day and Freda and George Dorrell who organise this popular event raise funds for important charities, showcasing the fabulous  work of a number of local Dolls House and Miniature Clubs. A small number of artisans also have stands including us (Coombe Crafts) and KT Miniatures which means there's lots to look and and some to purchase too. Celia and I (KT Miniatures) will also be squeezing in our Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops display stand so if you'd like to know more do come and say 'hello'.

It's a nautical week - so I have another old sailor to finish......and some bagpipes to make!

Couldn't resist including a picture of the lovely seeds heads of a clematis just catching the sun....

Thank you for looking, and a warm welcome to new Followers

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Way back....way, way back actually.... my Aunty Ethel had a little shop.  Offically it was a confectioner's (sweet shop to you and me) - but of course in the late 50s/60s it sold just about everything, stopping short at buckets and pans.
She sold sweets, bread, butter, tobacco, cakes, shoe laces, biscuits, polish, flour, rice..... and wonderful flowers in season from her brother's garden, that sat in a bucket on the old stone step....

From the age of ten I helped at weekends and from the age of about fourteen ran it for a week each year on my own while she went on holiday. I'm just staggered when I think about it now - but at the time it seemed quite a normal thing to do..... I promise, there is a point to this tarradiddle...

A few weeks ago a relative retrieved Aunty Ethel's shop scales from his loft and gave them to me. Talk about memories!
The heavy cast iron base was originally painted a dull gold with the 'Salter' logo on the front - but that got badly tarnished and repainted decades ago.  It took me several days, a can of Brasso and a lot of elbow grease to bring back the shine to the brass and I'm thrilled to have them on show again.

It seemed only fitting that as I was finishing a pair of 1/12th shopkeepers, to picture them with the scales.  Meet Bert the baker and Mr Boffin the butcher.  Mr Boffin has several chaps working for him - Bert just has a son, he's a small baker!
Rather like the Vicar and Monk in the previous Blog, the working clothes of these gents wouldn't have changed very much between Victorian times and 1970s, which if my memory is right, is when overalls and began to arrive. Anyway  - these are old boys....and are about to leave me to open their shops elsewhere.

I've just read today that BBC is revisiting 'Open All Hours' for a Christmas Special - with Granville now in charge years later after inheriting his uncle's shop. Should be fun and good to see Arkwright's again!

Thank you for looking

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Men Of The Cloth....

I'm always interested in creating special characters for the people who are kind enough to commission something special - here are two of the latest, both 'men of the cloth'.

These two gentle men represent two quite different strands of The Church. What's interesting is that in decades or even centuries, very little has changed in terms of their appearance.  The monk could have stepped out of Robin Hood and the Vicar from a Jane Austin novel or vise versa - and yet they are still very much part of life today.

So my current 'work' is very much 1/12th based and if you happen to be waiting....I'm gettting up should be a couple of traditional shopkeepers.

Meanwhile my witchy friend is looking for a home for Halloween - and promises only good spells! If you're interested click here and email me - £38 + P&P.

Thank you for looking

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Lucie Roper, the Editor of Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine has emailed with details of a really special competition, launched in the current issue, to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of World War 1.
I'm very happy to pass on the details and look forward to seeing the exciting and creative entries from both clubs and individual miniaturists.
With 2014 marking 100 years since the start of the First World War, Dolls House and Miniature Scene have launched a World War One in miniatures competition to commemorate this catastrophic event.  Sponsored by some of the biggest names in the industry and launched at the September 2013 Miniatura the competition will encourage miniaturists worldwide not only to put their creativity to the test but to remember the four years of suffering and heartache.

Launched on 20th September 2013 at Miniatura, the Dolls House and Miniature Scene WW1 in miniatures competition provides an opportunity to get creative and learn about the First World War plus win some fantastic prizes. There are three categories for entries, clubs, individuals and under 16’s. Entries can be anything from a single miniature item to a whole diorama scene and based on the Home Front or the Western Front. Miniaturists will have until the 15th July 2014 to submit their entry. Full details can be found in the November 2013 issue of Dolls House and Miniature Scene or by visiting the

Lucie Roper, the editor of Dolls House and Miniature Scene says, “100 years have passed since the First World War which affected every corner of the globe and we felt it was right to mark the date in some way – it only seemed fair to also invite others to do the same. Working alongside The Dolls House Emporium, Jane Harrop Miniatures, Miniatura and Petite Properties we hope to inspire the miniatures community to remember this event in the way we know best, through our miniatures and what better way than to do this with a competition. The DHMS team wish you all the very best of luck!”

For more information about the competition visit

Lucie tells me that they will also be producing monthly bespoke WW1 related projects on the  website to help  provide inspiration.  It all sounds very exciting - this is the first project - World War 1 Propaganda, Posters and Flags - click on this link, it will take you through to the project.
 Good Luck

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

It Was Such Fun!!

So this week I've finally put away all the bits and pieces from our Let's All Play in the Little Back Garden Workshop....I kind of dumped and ran and went  away immediately afterwards...but now I'm back and would just like to say thanks to all the lovely ladies that came along.  I hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as Celia and I - it was a really fun day with lots of super creative work done and new skills learnt along the way.

This is the 1/24th version of the project, sitting on one of our 'posh' spotty tablecloths. Everyone produced super duper lush hedges and nicely saggy tents for the toys and enjoyed the challenge (well, they said they did...chuckle) of making very tiny wheeled and soft toys.

Two lovely ladies getting to sticky grips with their splendid hedges
I mentioned in my last blog that Booking is now open for our next all-day workshop - which will be the  last until next year (where has this year gone?). THE LITTLE VINTAGE TOY THEATRE Workshop features a most unusual and original project in 'no scale'!
Intrigued? If you click HERE for our Nostalgia in Miniature Website you can read all about it - it promises to be fun and very different. Some places have already been filled and numbers are limited, so if you fancy a day out in Thame on November 30th to create a very special miniature project, don't delay.

Meanwhile I'm aiming to get back to some serious doll making after rather a lot of time of this year.

Thank you for looking

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Me and My Camera!!

If you pop in regularly you'll have gathered that I love my miniatures, garden, vintage 'anything' (but especially toys), and my camera......

This weekend we're heading off to the glorious Waterperry Gardens for our latest Nostalgia in Miniature Workshop - Let's All Play in the Little Back Garden - and as it includes creating a selection of 'vintage' toys and books, we shall be taking some genuine ones along to 'dress the set'of our small sales table and the Raffle in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign.

Parts of the garden have got the better of me this summer and run somewhat wild - this six foot tall lily is now fighting it's way through a clematis!!

I grow these Houseleeks (sempervivum) on an old cracked wooden platter which is scattered with a mixture of grit, shells, flint pebbles and old broken pottery that's come out of the garden when I've been digging.  Where I grew up in Oxfordshire (it was Royal Berkshire then) these small pieces of china were called 'panche',  and were often little vintage treasures......Oh yes and the broken terracotta dragon......
 I was thrilled to be able to catch these butterflies sunbathing on this miniature garden.

We love growing our own vegetables too - not that I'm in charge of this - and we've had fun and some success growing our runner beans this year in an old Newlyn Fish crate we found washed up on a Cornish beach when we lived there. They're happily growing really well and using our shed for support, and it's amazing just what you can grow in a small corner and odd container.

In other news, details of our new Nostaglia in Miniature Workshop - The Little Vintage Toy Theatre - which will take place in Thame, Oxfordshire on November 30th is now on our website, so click HERE  if you'd like to take a look at this very quirky and different project.
We shall open booking on September 2nd. and places are limited.

Thank you for looking

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Oh Golly - We've a Fair Coming Up!

Someone mentioned today that it felt like Autumn....I'll ignore that, I'd like a little more Summer please.  The summer fair for us takes place on August Bank Holiday Monday 26th at The Leisure Centre in Thame, Oxfordshire and is a Dolly's Daydreams Fair - only a week away! If you're coming along, do please stop and say hello.

I've been away a lot in the last few months so there's been less time for doll-making than usual, however we shall have all three scales and lots of furniture and other interesting things to go with them on our stand.

The 1/48th characters have (thank you) been popular so if you're interested I suggest you come early as we don't have as many this time.  The little policeman is a new character which we'll try and include at future fairs.
As our next Nostalgia in Miniature Workshop follows hard on the heels of the fair and is called 'Let's All Play in the Little Back Garden', we've been thinking about toys and Celia (KT Miniatures) has been selecting genuine vintage items as well for our tiny sales table there.

I must just mention that the third and final part of The Victorian Seaside will be published shortly in the October issue of Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine. We shall have the scene itself on our stand at Thame so if you'd like to see it 'for real' come and have a look.  All the elements are for sale and a donation will be made to Breast Cancer Campaign.

Thank you for looking

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Get That Hat!! Love That Doll!!

As write this blog - I'm taking time out from putting together lots of little pieces for the dollies, gollies and other toys to make up the kits needed for our next Nostalgia in Miniature Workshop - because this time we're not gardening in our imagined nostalgic little back garden, but playing..... if you'd like to know about the others just go to our website. .....which brings me neatly to my two friends Margaret and Sandra who, as brilliant miniaturists are much braver than me and are running online workshops shortly! Phew!!

It's almost time for the Online Show again, run by Shelly Norris! There are workshops running concurrently with this Show. 

 Margaret is offering to show you how to make a wonderful hat - to die for! The hat is a stunning wide brimmed silk in a choice of glorious colours with trimmings to match which you can display on a beautiful French bisque porcelain mannequin head which is included in the kit. For further details, go to:
Any questions, email Margaret:

Sandra has created a magical Rainbow Ballerina Toy Doll's Doll...and she's beautiful!! A crystal and feather headdress sets off the tiny dainty tutu and even teeny weeny ballet shoes - she's fully jointed too - the choice of colours is fantastic. Love her to bits!
Sandra's workshop details can be found at:  and you can always contact her at:

Go take a look ......I should of course have pictures....grabbing them from somewhere else is a techno-stretch too far me .... so just take a look.

Hope you're all enjoying summer.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Just a Little Blog....

I'm sure noone is focussing on blogs - the sun's shining in the U.K.- interspersed with some Biblical storms - so summer does appear to be here.  Holidays, sunbathing and gardening are top priority but a little work is going on....

As I said, it's just a little blog.....just four little very specific commissioned characters in 1/48th scale....
Meet the ladies who just might have figured in some T.V. series a few decades ago.....

Hope you're all having a good time, wherever you are.
Thanks for looking

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Who's Taken Our Tent?

If you pop into this Blog or the one Celia Thomas and I share, wearing our Nostalgia in Miniatures hats, you'll have gathered that we're in mid-preparation of the prototype vignettes in both 1/12th and 1/24th scale - bit of a problem for Dolly and Golly and their 1/24th friends though.......

So just where is their tent???? Ummm....we promise it will be there in time for their tea-party. If you want to join in and create your own, our LET'S ALL PLAY IN THE LITTLE BACK GARDEN WORKSHOP, to be held on September 1st in the vintage classroom at the lovely Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire, has just a couple of places left. Click HERE for our Nostalgia in Miniatures Workshops Website for all the details and/or get in touch with one us. Meanwhile - just where ARE those wheels for the pushchair......???

Yes it's still too hot to weed much for fear of disturbing the roots of established plants, but I happily dead-head first thing in the morning and often take my camera out.  Everyone's roses are fabulous this year and I've taken a few more pictures - hope you like them.  I know many of you love gardening too and I love seeing the photographs of your own gardens.

This is Rosa Gallica Versicolour - quite a mouthful - an old rose and my absolute favourite 
The aptly named 'Oranges and Lemons' 
'Blue For You'
I promise I don't grow  these roses next to each other - they'd certainly clash!!!  'Blue For You' has a wonderful scent too and grows well away from the more conventional colours next to a dark burgandy coloured Cotinus (Smoke Bush) and the dying Cotinus flowers float down like frothy confetti all over it.

Enjoy the sunshine, thanks for looking.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Too Hot to Dig...Let's Play in the Garden Instead!

It may be too hot to dig, but I find every excuse for a little dead-heading and a wander up the garden when I should be working...which I was this morning, with Celia my partner in Nostalgia in Miniatures Workshops. We had such fun making/playing with toys (and a wander up the garden) as we created our latest scene.

It was going to be a blue garden theme today, but Little Ted got in on the act and I couldn't leave him out.  As you can see, he's got the right idea and donned his exclusive paper sun hat.

Actually we couldn't resist Little Ted when we saw him so have included him, along with a selection of our original handmade vintage toys,  for the new workshop on September 1st.

 Let's all Play in the Little Back Garden Workshop will be held at the lovely Waterperry Gardens venue once again and will be quite different to previous workshops, with an opportunity to create favourite toys from childhood, in a fun-filled setting at a time when all the summers were hot and happy. The landscaping is simple with the backdrop of a realistic hedge, so if you'd like to come along and make your own special dollies, golly and other toys with a jolly pram or cart to trundle them round the lawn in, we just have two places left and booking will close fairly soon. 
For all the details and learn more about the little back garden go to our website. The workshop is suitable for both beginners and more experienced miniaturists.

And now for some gentle blues from the garden.....

I love this blue Sage with the dark foliage
The combination of Viechenblau rose and yellow clematis is really striking against the fence.
I think this lovely Geranuim is called 'Blue Skies'
Really you can't beat native blue Scabious growing in my wild patch!
Thank you for looking

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quite some characters..........!

After the excitement of seeing The Victorian Seaside in print - time to get back to basics.  I've been working on some new characters who should be on their way to new homes soon. It's so interesting to know how they're to fit into existing houses or scenes.

I think Billy has delusions of grandeur and fancies himself as a footman at Downton Abbey - actually I believe he's the new pot boy at a rather less grand establishment - Oh well, he can dream.

This cheery couple are running a new tea-shop - he's obviously in the kitchen buttering the scones while I think it's his Granny who's been pressed into service and 'waiting on.....'

You may have seen one of my errand boys before, but they're always a little different and this chap is delivering round the village for the local grocer.

Silverstone and Lewis Hamilton were all over T.V. competing with Wimbledon last weekend, but in 1920s Brands Hatch was the place to watch the racing cars and that's just where these two chaps are going.

Just need to finish the postman before moving to another scale....

Thanks for looking