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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

It Was All About The Research

I think I've said before that I really rather relish a spot of research, whether it's for costuming a character or getting the details just right for an accessory. This last week or so, I've been immersed in uinforms of World War 1.

It's always a privilege to be asked to make a character in uniform, and vital to get the details right, be they badges or buckles and belts. So here is  my version of a  1914-18 soldier. I've chosen to picture him with some family items from The Great War - a set of binoculars are in the case, alongside Princess Mary's 1914 Christmas Tobacco tin and a medal.

I spent 'forever' dyeing and redyeing the fabric to get as close as possible to the authentic colour and appropriate material for the belt and puttees....and of course different fabrics dye differently.....
All strands of the media are giving World War 1 important and respectful coverage which I'm finding very interesting and very poignant, including the miniature publications. Dolls House and Miniature Scene have some great projects and an inspiring competition that is well worth checking out.

More research for the main items in the next picture - a Victorian Water Carrier.  It was taken in a bit of a rush on top of a pile of CDs where I'd popped some poppies to dry - but as you can see it's in both 1/12th and 1/24th scales.

The water carrier is one of the accessories in our latest Nostalgia in Miniatures Workshop on April 26th and it's important to us both - Celia Thomas is my partner in the enterprise - that we create entirely original and accurate pieces. The research for this wasn't quite as hard as you might imagine, as many moons ago we owned one. So wish I still had it!!
The poppies needed no research at all!

Thank you for looking

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Couch Potato!

If you pop into my blog regularly you might have noted the distinct absence of new dolls lately - at last I can put that right and show you the latest character to saunter off the workbench.

My workshop partner Celia and I have been juggling like mad the last week or three - working together on another new and very exciting magazine project, trying at the same time to keep ahead on the work for our new workshop in April - Round the Back of the Old Gardener's  Cottage - and keeping abreast of our individual work too! Phew!

The magazine project has involved lots of research, which actually we both love, and we're inclined to wallow and enjoy that part of it for far too long.......still it's done and delivered so it's cake and coffee to celebrate! We're both looking forward to revealing what we've been up to in a few weeks.

So.....back to sculpting then and hoping to create just the right character to bring to life someone's idea of exactly the right miniature 'person' for their house or setting.

Which is where the 'Couch Potato' comes in......

I wouldn't mind betting that this cuddly chap in 1/12th scale would fit on many a comfy sofa with a can of beer, packet of crisps and a nice gooey pizza  - watching footie on the T.V.!

That shirt is stretching a little snugly around that tum and clearly the old jogging bottoms and scruffy trainers haven't actually seen any sport-type exercise lately. Never mind - he's happy - and in his dreams he could get the ball past Best and Beckham!!

I've really enjoyed creating this chap and got carried away a bit with the photos (bench is still a muddle)  and I miss him now he's gone to his new home as he was such fun to create. Another interesting chap is nearly finished on the workbench though - he's very different and I hope to show him next time.

Thank you for looking

Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Spring Market...and other things...

I love it that here in the historic market town of Thame in Oxfordshire, we still have proper market days. On Tuesdays the Upper High Street is a cheery, colourful bussle with stalls selling everything from fruit, flowers and eggs to pairs of shoes and mobility scooters. Once a month the Farmer's Market comes too. Anyway - this Tuesday I found it hard to resist the flower and plant stalls.... I bought some lovely cheery daffodils 'cum up from Cornwall' which I popped into a jug with Forsythia from the garden.  The fabulous quirky Red Cat, Yellow Cat  limited edition print that's sitting just behind was a super duper Christmas present.  If you'd like to see more of this talented Nottingham artist and illustrator's work click on Corrina Rothwell's website and I promise you'll love her work and have a giggle at the same time....paintings, printings, cards.... what's not to love!

Hard to pass a plant stall, as I said - so I came home with this beautiful Polyanthus tucked into a basket.  I just love the colour of the flower, which reminds me of a velvet Tudor frock, against dark leaves. It will go into the garden later.

Thanks to all of you who have browsed Coombe Crafts Shopping on the side bar, and also purchased.  I meant to include this little 1/24th scale nursery chair with the cuddly teddy bear and other toys - it's the only one left with a teddy bear and £14...... I will update in a bit...

The 1/12th scale Whatnot on the 'shopping list' has now been sold but here's another, this time with two tiny cottage teapots and also greatly reduced to £15....I'll update in a bit...

If you'd like to purchase or need more details of the nursery chair or Whatnot just email me.

Thank you for looking
P.S. And have you seen that postal cost are going up again at the end of the month?  I feel a rant coming on!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In Which I Attempt a Shopping List....

It's a well-known fact that technology and I are not friends - techno-mates and relatives do their best to instruct me but I fall short of their several miles. Still I thought I'd have a bash at putting some kind of list on the side bar of this Blog, just to show some of the items in stock and available for sale.
I reckoned it couldn't be that the destructions and HELP....and called in reinforcements!!!  For heavens sake I've only just figured out how to create a table in a document - this was hard!
I was/am (let's be positive here) after something simple that I could update myself....the reinforcements had a bit of a chuckle as I made notes (on a bit of paper) and figured I'd be calling him back when I needed to update!

Anyway I've changed the order around on the sidebar a bit and now if you look at Downloads you'll see Coombe Crafts Shopping.  It's all a bit 'informal' but I hope you'll enjoy browsing and contact me if you'd like to make a purchase, get more details or enquire about what else might be available.
Thank you for looking