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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Couch Potato!

If you pop into my blog regularly you might have noted the distinct absence of new dolls lately - at last I can put that right and show you the latest character to saunter off the workbench.

My workshop partner Celia and I have been juggling like mad the last week or three - working together on another new and very exciting magazine project, trying at the same time to keep ahead on the work for our new workshop in April - Round the Back of the Old Gardener's  Cottage - and keeping abreast of our individual work too! Phew!

The magazine project has involved lots of research, which actually we both love, and we're inclined to wallow and enjoy that part of it for far too long.......still it's done and delivered so it's cake and coffee to celebrate! We're both looking forward to revealing what we've been up to in a few weeks.

So.....back to sculpting then and hoping to create just the right character to bring to life someone's idea of exactly the right miniature 'person' for their house or setting.

Which is where the 'Couch Potato' comes in......

I wouldn't mind betting that this cuddly chap in 1/12th scale would fit on many a comfy sofa with a can of beer, packet of crisps and a nice gooey pizza  - watching footie on the T.V.!

That shirt is stretching a little snugly around that tum and clearly the old jogging bottoms and scruffy trainers haven't actually seen any sport-type exercise lately. Never mind - he's happy - and in his dreams he could get the ball past Best and Beckham!!

I've really enjoyed creating this chap and got carried away a bit with the photos (bench is still a muddle)  and I miss him now he's gone to his new home as he was such fun to create. Another interesting chap is nearly finished on the workbench though - he's very different and I hope to show him next time.

Thank you for looking


Susan said...

Heheh, a dream-date for another lucky miniaturist ;). He's adorable, right down to the 'tinny'!

Steinworks said...

if he's anything like my Rich he'd be laying down on the couch fast asleep with his old dog eating his crisps (not that Im complaining..just saying)


Robin said...

I'm glad he gave you both a chuckle!

Donna S said...

Hey, he looks like someone I know! And why not? Here in Canada we have too much snow, so lay back and enjoy!