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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bodies Everywhere...then there's the garden....

Before I can create some new characters, I get sculpting.  Before I can tame Mother Nature, who is winning in my garden at present, I need to try my best to ignore the distraction of autumn splendour.

I'm working on outstanding orders for 1/24th scale characters at the moment and I've just finished a cheery little gardener.  I'm hanging on to him for a week or so as his home isn't quite ready - meanwhile I could use him in my own garden.

These misty dew-drop mornings do make everything look magical; wonderful seed heads and berries and diamond-sprinkled gossamer spider webs.
However when I look a little closer I can see that I need to get out there -  and putting it brutally  - hack it back!!
A small wild rose clung to the fence when we moved in a few years ago - it was so lovely I thought I'd leave it for a bit. BIG mistake! Now it's a thug (still a very beautiful thug mind you), doing its best to tear down the fence and bash down the damson plum and tamarisk standing in it's way. Its thorns are fiercesome!

So I got out there with secateurs and thick find it covered in glowing orange rose hips.  I trimmed it a bit...I picked some hips as they look so beautiful.......I'll have another go next week......

As I said - the sculpting comes first.  In the back of my mind while I'm working are pictures of new characters. There are some 1/48th bodies in the box already and these in 1/24th scale are the beginnings of a new family which I'll hope to show you soon.

Thank you for looking.

Monday, September 21, 2015

A Thank-you Weekend!

So... as if you haven't all been reading about our Nostalgia In Miniature Workshops for weeks... some final pictures and some big thank-you's.

It was such a super final workshop on Saturday - and even the sun shone - so thank you to the 13 ladies who travelled quite some distances to take part in 'The Little Vintage Toyshop' workshop. Also, so very much appreciated was their participation in our small raffle in aid of research into breast cancer. A total from the workshops this year will be forwarded to the charity before the end of the year.

We hesitate to publish full size photographs of our projects before everyone has taken part as it feels only fair that they see the project in completion first. But now we can.

The Shop Front 
The Window Display From Inside The Shop

The Back Shelves Full of Toys

And some pictures of the workshop day itself - with everyone really enthused and working so well - what a talented group!!  We had such a lovely and enjoyable day.

Before I go, another set of thank-you's to the Nostalgia in Miniature back-up team, without whom it wouldn't be possible,  and to all those lovely 'ordinary' people who run, walk, cycle and swim etc. in various organised fund-raisers for so many important and worthwhile charities up and down the country every weekend. Well done Jenny and Fi. Amazing!! Thank You!

Still on the charity theme but very definitely MINIATURES this time Felcity and Ron who organise the Thame Dolls House and Miniaures Fair each February have taken up the mantle to continue HADDENHAM DOLLSHOUSE & MINIATURES EXHIBITION on Saturday 14th November in Haddenham Village Hall.  This is a showcase for local clubs and individuals, includes sales tables a raffle and more - it's always a lovely day. Funds are raised for Hearing dogs for Deaf People and Thames Valley Air Ambulance.  Make a note - more details nearer the day.

We're into planning for the next workshop in outline and details of the Reserve List on Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops.  Now I really need to get back to dolls........

Thank you for looking

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Such A Treat In The Inbox!!

Yesterday's Inbox wasn't very exciting....the usual trivia from the supermarkets and budget hotels....but then a gem!!

Such a lovely email from Carmen ordering another interesting little character, but even better, such exceptional photographs of her own projects!! Thank you so much Carmen for allowing me to share these pictures.

I was really thrilled to see 'Penny Farthing Stores' again, one of my 1/48th scale village shops, now that she has installed our teeny furniture and weeny 1/48th characters. What excites me just as much is the wonderful collection and arrangement of individual items - from amazing miniscule bottles and jugs on the shelves to the wonderful fruit and vegetable baskets!! We just can't stop looking at the wonderful little scenes. Click on the pics. to enlarge.

And - just when you think it can't get any better - along comes the 1/24th scale Vicar visiting his sick parishioner!

I'm always delighted when my lovely customers send me pictures showing how they have incorporated our characters and other items into their own very special scenes.  Thank you all.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Grapes and more grapes.....

This last week I've been finishing kits in preparation for our last 2015 workshop next weekend - trying to organise my 'outstanding' order pad and had a very small foray into my overgrown garden. .

As far as the garden is concerned, really the only problem I have is a surfeit of grapes! I realise many would say 'lucky you' - however- there are too many as we are really bad at pruning out the excess, they are not ripening very quickly, they have PIPS - and finally the blackbirds and squirrels are fighting us for them!!!!  What to do???

I hate pippy grapes.  I'm not into wine making - I suppose I could juice them  - or leave them to the wildlife?  It seemed such a good idea when we planted it...........

Suddenly on September 1st Autumn arrived with a chilly and misty morning, and I realised summer was over -  I keep wondering where my summer went.
Just to prove the season has changed,  in a corner of the gravel garden, cyclamen have popped up their delicate heads.

Deborah who tells me she enjoys my gardening rambling in the blog is also waiting for additions to her miniature family - so this is especially for you Deborah!

Thank you for looking