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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Back to Some Little People

I've enjoyed myself the last couple of weeks getting back to some serious sculpting  creating some familiar 1/12th scale characters that I haven't made for a while and also, in another scale, some new ones.

A lady  of a 'certain age' out doing her shopping is an old favourite of mine. As well as always sculpting a new face I can ring the changes with sensible coats and shoes and switch between a stylish felt or comfy knitted hat and a well- loved handbag or a sturdy basket. So this new lady who has now departed for her new home has a rather nice pale green winter coat and a very warm pull-on chenille hat - she's carries a good sized basket made by the brilliant Mouse House Miniatures, as she's obviously doing the weekly shop. Their baskets are super and the vast range of the most realistic vegetables and fruit, just wonderful.

I've decided she could easily be a Granny.... so maybe she's meeting the children from school?

Both in school uniform - both in the ubiquitous navy gaberdine mac - he's wearing the standard grey shorts, which always seem to be a little too long, to allow for growing, and the hated school cap. His sister wears a blue check frock under her mac and a grey felt hat. 
I had one of those - how I hated it!!! Wearing the same one from aged 10 1/2 to 18 it became a dreadful shapeless affair which we all loathed with a passion. On leaving school everyone signed each other's hats in biro or chucked them in the school pond. Mine (signed) ended up as a cowboy hat for one of my small sons in due course - much better!
In the summer as sixth formers we were obliged to wear straw boaters...........I think I donated mine to an amateur dramatics group!

As you can see the children have leather satchels and also scarves, because it might be winter  - I've left their new owner to decide whether they need to wear them or not so they aren't fixed in place.

My next commission was in 1/24th scale and I'll show that to you next time as at the moment the little people are en route for their new home and I don't want to spoil a surprise.

Easter is nearly here.  In U.K. our clocks go back one hour so it will be light and bright in the mornings and hopefully spring will well and truly be here.  In my garden I have delicate primroses and blue amenomes and bluebells just beginning to break bud - a beautiful and hopeful time of year.

There is so much sadness around the world, so however you celebrate Easter - and if you don't - may I wish you all a peaceful and special time with those you love.

Thanks for looking

Friday, March 18, 2016

1/24th Scale Furniture At Sale Prices - Part 2

The final items of 1/24th scale furniture at reduced prices are now pictured and listed - if you would like any more details do get in touch.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the following items, please email me (contact email on the side bar) to first check availability.  We do also still have items that were on the last Blog - Part 1 of our 1/24th scale . Please can you quote the picture number and the item identified with a letter - ABC etc.
Click on the picture for a larger image.

Picture 1

A. Shop till - £3.50 
B. Counter - it is open at the back with one shelf - £5
C. Single bed - £8
D. Bench - suitable for tudor or perhaps a pub - £5

PIC 4.

A.  Matching wardrobe and chest of drawers in palest yellow handpainted with pink 'roses' – drawers and doors for effect only - £15
B.  Natural wood high chair with baby fixed in place – would also work well as a toy in 1/12th setting.- £13
C.  Natural wood high chair – tray is removable. - £11
D.  Macintosh Chair - £11
E.  Bentwood chairs - set of 4 - £15
F.  Filled tea-chest for attic or garage - SOLD
G.  Tiny breakfast trays with teapot, cup and saucer and plate - £6 blue decoration only
H.  Macintosh chair – straight top rail - £10
I.  Folding deckchair - £3

I'm busy sculpting again with an interesting 1/12th scale trio - when they're finished I'll let you see....then  I'll get around to the last few pieces of 1/48th furniture that are still available at reduced prices.

How lovely to see the Spring that has properly arrived now - daffodills everywhere -  perfect!!

Thanks for looking

Thursday, March 10, 2016

1/24th Scale Handcrafted Furniture At Sale Prices - Part 1

As promised I have now properly organized our 1/24th stock that has recently been reduced in price.  I hope I've photographed and listed the details in a way that makes absolute sense to you a while I'll do the same with  another group and then 1/48th scale pieces, although there is less in this scale.

All our items are original designs and entirely handcrafted - unless otherwise stated the colour is mid-oak, not all pictures show this clearly. The number in stock of each item does vary a great deal - from just one to three or four so to avoid disappointment may I suggest that if you are interested in puchasing you email me (contact email on side bar) as soon as possible to check availabilty and be advised of postage cost.

Each picture is numbered and the items also indentified by letter (A, B, C etc) - please quote.  Since I mentioned the sale several of you have been in touch and some items have been sold - thank you. Clearly marked on the pictures are those that are no longer available. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Picture 2.

A.  Closed Bureau -drawers for effect only – non opening - £7
B.  Open Bureau – drawers for effect only - £8
C.  Chest of Drawers –  drawers for effect only - £6.
D.  Wardrobe - doors for effect only - £8
E.  1930s radio - £6
F.  Revolving Bookcase – Edwardian style, it really does revolve and is a replica of a real one - £13
G.  Small octagonal arts and crafts style table - £13.
I.  'Throne' chair - £8
J.  Tudor style chair - £8.
K.  Oblong side table – Arts and crafts style  - £13

Picture 3.

A.  'Bamboo' set of table and 2 chairs - £15
B.  Handpainted with  a dainty scene of rabbits and countryside, matching wardrobe (non opening doors) and a trunk which does open for you to fill.  Looks sweet in a nursery - £15
C.  Kitchen table – drawer for effect - natural wood - £4
D.  Round Edwardian/Victorian pot cupboard – replica of a real one. Faux marble top and one shelf inside.  Cut from one  piece of wood - £17
E.  Round cupboard with drawers which all open – original and unique piece of furniture inspired by the pot cupboard - £19
F.  Tea box/caddy on stand - £4.
G.  Panelled chest which opens for storage - would suit tudor home -  £13
H.  Folding ironing board – natural wood - £7 each

Picture 5.

What-nots - £15 each – choice of three – A, B or C. Each of these delightful little Victorian/Edwardian style What-nots is filled with a unique collection of handmade teapots as well as the shells, ornaments and decorative plates and other items so loved by this generation.

There are further items to bring to you, which I'll do in a day or two.

Thanks for looking

Friday, March 4, 2016

Here Come Summer....A Vintage Flower-filled Arbour For Sale

If you have popped into my Blog or perhaps the one my chum Celia Thomas and I share as Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops you may have seen this little 1/24th scale vintage flower-filled arbour.

It is the prototype for one of our 'Little Old Garden' series of workshops which we so enjoyed as it allowed us both free reign to indulge our love of miniature gardening and also faded authentic furniture, old fabrics and furnishings and the carefully chosen and created little accessories that bring a scene to life.
Sadly neither of us has the room to accomodate the growing collection of unique prototypes - mostly there are two of each - so we have to be strong-minded every now and again and let one or two go.

The Little Arbour is now for sale at £35 - it is quite light so postage would be reasonable. The base measures 4 1/2" x 3 1/2" and the overall height is approx 4".

The grass is a bit scuffed and worn and the flagstones under the table, nicely weathered.  On a summer's Sunday there must have been a family celebration as the home-made fabric bunting is just beginning to come adrift, but now the scene is set for a quiet time to read and write letters in the shade of the 'clematis' covered arbour. Nearby a basket of simple flowers and a small water feature with a water lily in an old tub complete this original scene.

If you are interested in purchasing the Arbour please email us - contact details on the Side Bar - we should be happy for it to have a lovely new home.

Meanwhile work continues apace on the 1/24th prototype for our faded but elegant Little German Style 1900s Shop which is our next workshop this June and July.  Places are filling so if you would like to see all the details and Booking Forms, they are on our website - Click - for a peep.

A corner of the Little 1900s German Style Sop - 1/12th scale
I'm still sorting stock but I hope to bring you 1/24th Furniture at Sale Prices next time.
Thanks for looking

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

What A Lovely Day!

Even the weather was kind on Saturday - chilly but dry. A feature of the Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair is the friendly atmosphere and it was lovely to welcome old and new friends and have a little time to chat every now and again.  The charity stall in aid of Breast Cancer Now was ably managed by Market Town Miniatures our local club who also put on a superb display of their work.

Thank you to the many old friends who came by to say hello and to new friends who popped by to make themselves known - that was super and much appreciated. Lovely to see you all.

As I mentioned in the previous Blog, we have decided to stop making all furniture which is sad but inevitable I'm afraid as hands get less supple and eyes less sharp, so all items were reduced and many sold.
Once I've managed to sort myself and the stock out I'll make arrangements to list with revised prices on here first.  Should you have a noticed a specific item already - 1/24th or 1/48th - feel free to contact me anyway for availability and new price.

The one big drawback to being a standholder at a prestigious artisan fair is that there is so little time to look round at the amazing work on colleagues' stands - let alone make purchases......we never manage to see everything we'd like to I'm afraid. I'll just have to go to Kensington if I can......

However Teeny Weeny Teddies was really, really near to me - irresistible - so I did succumb to a bueautiful tiny silk bear.  I think all Dave's work is just perfect!  Someone else's work that is quite exquisite is Jan Southerton's - The Flower Lady. Her spring flowers were so sweet  - I added these beautiful 1/12th narcissus to my collection.  I also bought a dainty glass jug in 1/24th scale with with gorgeous yellow daffodils.

So - that's it for another year.  I'm sure many of you will be relieved if I get 'back to normal' on this Blog now.

Thanks to Felicity and Ron who organized the fair -  the amount raised for Breast Cancer Now has been announced  - a wonderful £3,142.04. Thank you all!

Thanks for looking