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Friday, October 28, 2016

Nearly A Bit Spooky....

I thought I should make an effort to blog with a nod to Halloween and the darker autumn evenings - so here goes!

Apologies to those of you who have been popping in for a while because you'll have seen my wonderful Clematis seedheads in previous autumn blogs.  They never fail to enchant me - an ethereal slightly spooky tracery that looks even more fairy-like when the early morning dew is on it.  Soon they will fluff up into feathery puff balls and look even more beautiful.  I've just cut and brought some in to watch them expand, and dry to keep for natural decorations.

Wizards and witches come in different sizes - and no doubt bring out all their most fun and cheery spells at this time of year.
Here are a few from my the Coombe Crafts archives.....

1/24th scale funky witches

1/12th scale wizard

Tiny 1/48th scale witch

So - I was sitting in my conservatory having a phone chat with a friend when there was an almight thump above me head.
It took a few minutes to realise that 'something' had landed, 'dumped' by one of the beautiful Red Kites who regularly put on amazing aerial displays just above our garden. I wasn't so thrilled to find a cooked chicken/turkey leg and chunk of backbone sitting on the glass roof in the most inaccessible position (yes, a neighbour does feed them).
It sat there, threatening to fall into the rainwater gulley for a couple of days and then, thankfully, it was retrieved.
I wish I'd seen the kite that collected it, up close - they're the most fabulous birds with up to 5ft wing spans and are on the increase in the Chilterns.

Thank you for looking

Saturday, October 8, 2016

On The Horns Of A Miniatura Dilemma!

We've all been there haven't we - be it Miniatura or KDF or another super show......
You start with a plan and/or a budget, or both........then it all goes out the window!!

So - 'best mate' and I went to Miniatura last weekend, by a series of trains and a bus, with a bus driver who wasn't sure where he was don't want to know!  Neither of us needed ANYTHING - but went with open minds to be tempted, as you do.

In the very back of my mind, bearing in that mind that my focus in these last few weeks of good weather is hacking back the garden and not miniatures, was a 1/12th dresser I'd painted and distressed several years ago. I would like to finish it with lovely pieces....sometime.

Going with 'best mate' is probably not a good idea, as despite determination to stick to the premise that we don't need ANYTHING and have fixed budgets - we are inclined to lead each other astray!

It's two or three years since I last went to the Birmingham show and it did seem smaller, but it was good to see some top class artisans whose work is a joy.  All the following are in 1/12th scale.

I treated myself to another couple of pieces of cabbage ware by Sally Meakin which are destined for the aforesaid dresser. Fabulous!

I can't pass Elisabeth Causeret's stand,  and spend so much time looking, drooling and deciding. I chose a lovely pot and an exquisite shallow dish with beautiful tracery, which the photo doesn't do justice to.

Al'turnative have such a range of turnings and lamps now it is always a difficult choice.  The burl wood shallow dish was an instant 'must have'.  I look forward to seeing them again at The Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair in February next year.

Jan Southerton, The Flower Lady will be at Thame as well so I can have another look at the delightful pot of mixed cacti I wish I'd bought......I bought a little one though, isn't it brilliant? Sorry the photo isn't as brilliant as her work.

With so many wonderful artisans leaving the 'business' for a variety of reasons I feel it's important to indulge while I can.

Thank you for looking