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Friday, October 28, 2016

Nearly A Bit Spooky....

I thought I should make an effort to blog with a nod to Halloween and the darker autumn evenings - so here goes!

Apologies to those of you who have been popping in for a while because you'll have seen my wonderful Clematis seedheads in previous autumn blogs.  They never fail to enchant me - an ethereal slightly spooky tracery that looks even more fairy-like when the early morning dew is on it.  Soon they will fluff up into feathery puff balls and look even more beautiful.  I've just cut and brought some in to watch them expand, and dry to keep for natural decorations.

Wizards and witches come in different sizes - and no doubt bring out all their most fun and cheery spells at this time of year.
Here are a few from my the Coombe Crafts archives.....

1/24th scale funky witches

1/12th scale wizard

Tiny 1/48th scale witch

So - I was sitting in my conservatory having a phone chat with a friend when there was an almight thump above me head.
It took a few minutes to realise that 'something' had landed, 'dumped' by one of the beautiful Red Kites who regularly put on amazing aerial displays just above our garden. I wasn't so thrilled to find a cooked chicken/turkey leg and chunk of backbone sitting on the glass roof in the most inaccessible position (yes, a neighbour does feed them).
It sat there, threatening to fall into the rainwater gulley for a couple of days and then, thankfully, it was retrieved.
I wish I'd seen the kite that collected it, up close - they're the most fabulous birds with up to 5ft wing spans and are on the increase in the Chilterns.

Thank you for looking


KT Miniatures said...

Ha there REALLY WAS a chicken leg that landed on your roof as we were engaged in deep conversation on the phone then! There was me thinking that you'd lost your marbles as you suddenly cut me short in mid sentence to say "ere....a chicken leg has just landed on me roof."
:) Celia
PS. Love those clematis seed heads, the ones you gave me have fluffed up nicely. Ta mate!

Robin said...

OH could you doubt me!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad your seed heads look good - more heading your way.....

jenann said...

Ha ha! Sometimes I know deep in my heart that my little Grandpa Roland was not only made by you, Robin, he inherited some of his behaviours and life experiences from you. A chicken leg landing on his roof at No. 2 Dolly Mixture Lane would be a likely event, though he would no doubt climb up, collect it and prwsent it to Grandma Jean to make a soup base with. Fortunaely, though we lik in Red Kite country and often have a dozen or more hanging in the sky waiting to be fed at the locl feeding station, they are way too greedy to drop any gifts asthey fly back to the valley toscoff their booty.

Now I never did invite one of your witches to come and live here. Most remiss of me astheylook apleasant lot, not inclined to pinching eyes or toes from passing amhibians for their potions - thy might be more herbaliststhan witches who use parts of innicent creatures n their spells, perhaps?

Your seed heads are lovely. Ours are brown and slimy this year- too much rain.

jenann said...

Oops - lots of errors in my post above, sorry! Senility is creeping up on me faster than on Grandma and Grandpa who tell me they were born 75 years old and will never age. What a great way to live - working years never to be known but in perptual reasonable health!

Donna S said...

Hi there Robin:
Oh, I would love to have seen the kites you speak of. Do not know if we have any here in Canada. Lots of hawks though. I always know when one is flying over as all the little birds disappear from the feeders.

Really like the looks of your clematis seeds. I must plant some next year. We have had so much warm weather both my roses and hydrangeas have buds on the bushes! Unheard of at this late time of year in Ontario. We usually have snow by now but this year's weather is crazy.