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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Beautiful Nottingham Lace...Aquilegias...Cottages...and an old chap!!

Wasn't she a beautiful bride!!! I suppose we were all looking forward to seeing the dress - that wonderful handmade lace and exquisite bouquet!

I've been croaking and coughing so admit to slacking on the work front - so I'm very happy to tell you about the work of lovely friends, and picture another beautiful flower from my garden......I know...any excuse!!

Inspired by seeing the wonderful lace on Catherine's wedding dress, I'd like to show you a fabulous Easter card we were thrilled to receive. With apologies to Jayne for the less than perfect photograph (it's Gran's blanket in the background Jayne) - if you love old lace or beautiful fabrics brought back to enchant us in the 21st Century, whizz over to
where you will be delighted with the treats in store. Based in Nottingham the home of lace textiles for centuries, these delights are based on old designs but use up-to-date techniques.
The website is fabulous......I love it! I know that they're off to Germany any minute now to showcase their work - so huge best wishes.

O.K. guys - here comes the Aquilegia - also called Granny Night-caps and Grannies Bonnets. One of our favourite flowers, we encourage them to cross promiscuously in our garden and have a lovely selection of colours and flower shapes....... but this one in pure white come close to perfect - like the dress!!

Julie Bennet makes fantastic and original houses ! She has three recent blogs showcasing her new builds - a super Old Boathouse, French style, and two super little 1/24th cottages. Do take a look - she can be found if you click here . I have to say I also love the garden backgrounds she uses in her great pics.!

On the home front, and just before the lugy hit me I managed to get this little 1/24th old retired sailor finished...yes I'm still in a muddle.

If you've been reading recently you'll have seen that Celia Thomas of KT Miniatures and I are running a workshop called 'Over the Little Garden Fence' in June - we have only two places left - so if you're able to get to the lovely market town of Thame in Oxfordshire on June 26th and are tempted, click on the box on the right - 'Over the Little Garden Fence' to find out all about it and see the pictures.

Thank you for looking.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Saying It with Flowers....

I can see that other bloggers are finding it hard to stay inside and at the workbench in this glorious weather.... like them I drift off into the garden...pull up a few weeds...have a little sit and just admire the wonderful flowers coming out now. I have so enjoyed the superb pictures on other blogs - thank you all.

My camera isn't usually far away and I have had to resist the tempation to fill this Easter-time blog with nothing but lots of photos of glorious flowers and plants.

Fabulous vibrant Oriental Poppy

Beautiful Bluebells - I so wish these were the native Bluebells, but they're the Spanish Bluebells, which lovely as they are, hybridize with the natives in our woodlands...not good. I shall try and pick off all the flowers as they die and before they set seed. A good excuse for picking a huge bunch now and bringing them in for Easter - they have a delicate perfume too.

No, you can see these aren't real!! All this gardening lately, in full size and miniature, inspired me to fill a couple of old stone planters with geraniums. I must do some more - such fun, and a mini-change from doll making.

A cheeky 1/24th scale mechanic did manage to fight his way off the order pad at last and has now headed off to repair a motorbike somewhere in Devon!!

Wishing you all lovely days ahead!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Peep Over the Little Garden Fence.......

For those of you who are followers of this blog, you will have already seen that I am running a workshop for the very first time in partnership with Celia Thomas of KT Miniatures. We only started advertising it 2 weeks ago and have already filled nearly all twenty spaces!

The workshop is taking place on Sunday June 26th here in Thame, Oxfordshire at the Thame Guide HQ. We have just 4 more spaces now currently available (at the time of posting this) so do get in touch asap if you wish to join us for an afternoon of creativity!

Above is a picture of the 1/24th garden...and if I can make the sliding box are some more!

If you sign up for our workshop you will have the opportunity to make this scene in either 1/12th or 1/24th scale. We will be using a combination of natural & synthetic materials along with various techniques/skills to create an overall nostalgic and old fashioned garden.The finished item can be used to butt up against an existing dolls house or stand alone. In fact we are already planning the second workshop project to take place in September (hopefully). This second project will complement the little garden scene and also be used with an existing dolls house or would be able to stand alone..... but more about that another day!

Meanwhile, if you would like further information about how to book for one of the last few remaining spaces, then please click on the following link to see the official page:

NB. Special notice for any UK dolls house clubs

If your club would like to spend an afternoon in July, making the little garden project from our Over The Little Garden Fence Workshop, then please get in touch with either me or Celia. We would consider running an additional workshop on a Sunday afternoon in July, as long as there are 10 people or more - if your club wished to block book.

Meanwhile - we have noticed that many UK dolls house clubs contact information on the internet as a general rule, is old and no longer applicable. Information doesn't appear to have been updated over a number of years in some cases. So, if someone from any UK dolls house club would like to forward their info to either me Celia, then we will set up a general list with up-to- date dolls house club info at a glance that everyone can share. Often local clubs running exhibitions or small/charity fairs seek to contact the folk within their area as well as makers ...and it is often difficult to keep up with changes.

Thanks for looking - Happy Easter!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Getting back to the little ones.........

Like everyone else, I'm sure...I've been busy. The garden calls very loudly, especially in this lovely weather - so I've done a bit....and gone back to the work-bench.....

This 1/24th family are a version of 1950s Railway Children......well sort of.....'Dad' works on the railways, and this is a special nostalgic commission.

The children here are also 1/24th scale - but little'uns!

Still in the 1/24th scale - these ladies are just about to stop off for a cuppa, and possibly a scone, before they go shopping........

As you can see, I've been working in the smaller scale for a few weeks (although 1/12th characters are shouting from the sidelines 'make me!!'). For those of you who read my blog and are waiting for 1/48th characters........they're on the list, I promise!

....... but Easter is coming so I've sneaked in a picture of one of the loveliest spring flowers in my garden - The Dogs Tooth Violet.

Have a lovely Easter everyone - and once again - thanks for looking.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Take a Look Over the Little Garden Fence.....

Today we've managed to get our photographs here's the little old garden.....

These pictures are of the 1/12th garden that will be created at the workshop Celia and I are running in June. There is the choice to make a 1/24th version , which will be very similar. It should be fun and a opportunity to learn some new skills in friendly company.

We've worked together in the past and it's always a very enjoyable experience and we hope the workshop will be just that too, and that folks go away eager to build on the day and create even more themselves. There are lots more pictures which are on the website, along with all the relevant details for the workshop itself. Places are limited, so if you are tempted please don't leave it too late. The link for pictures and details comes straight after the 'ad'!!

For full details of the workshop and a Booking form click here:

Thanks for looking.....