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Friday, April 22, 2011

Saying It with Flowers....

I can see that other bloggers are finding it hard to stay inside and at the workbench in this glorious weather.... like them I drift off into the garden...pull up a few weeds...have a little sit and just admire the wonderful flowers coming out now. I have so enjoyed the superb pictures on other blogs - thank you all.

My camera isn't usually far away and I have had to resist the tempation to fill this Easter-time blog with nothing but lots of photos of glorious flowers and plants.

Fabulous vibrant Oriental Poppy

Beautiful Bluebells - I so wish these were the native Bluebells, but they're the Spanish Bluebells, which lovely as they are, hybridize with the natives in our woodlands...not good. I shall try and pick off all the flowers as they die and before they set seed. A good excuse for picking a huge bunch now and bringing them in for Easter - they have a delicate perfume too.

No, you can see these aren't real!! All this gardening lately, in full size and miniature, inspired me to fill a couple of old stone planters with geraniums. I must do some more - such fun, and a mini-change from doll making.

A cheeky 1/24th scale mechanic did manage to fight his way off the order pad at last and has now headed off to repair a motorbike somewhere in Devon!!

Wishing you all lovely days ahead!


Ascension said...

Que maravillosas flores, me encanta el acabado de las macetas.
Tu personaje es fantastico.
Feliz Pascua
besitos ascension

Robin said...

Thank you so much Ascension - Happy Easter!

julie campbell said...

Beautiful photos robin,poppies are my favourite flower, even their seed heads are beautiful !
I've been gardening too, we have an awful lot of work to do but this time next year it should be looking good :0)
julie xx