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Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome to 2013!!


May I wish you all, everything that you wish for yorselves....happiness, good health, peace - and maybe a little prosperity too.

In 2012 we had some highs and lovely times, but rather too many difficult days - so many friends had just such a year too -  so my wish, and for you all too,  are for peaceful and happy days - even boring will be fine!!

Thank you for popping in last year - I hope you'll pop in again in this New Year.
Very best wishes

Sunday, December 16, 2012


It's that nostalgic, sentimental, joyous time of trimming the tree, baking the mince pies, nativity plays and  carols and remembering old friends and those we miss.....

I'd like to thank everyone who has been kind enough to pop in and follow my ramblings this year, my lovely, lovely customers and the fabulous ladies that have given us such enjoyment and support at our workshops.

If there are children around, the magic of Christmas is very special...somehow it never quite seems the same when Father Christmas is forgotten and becomes a childhood fairy tale....
We all look back at the passing year and hope for 'better things'. Like many, many others, this has been a year of mixed blessings and some tough times for us. For those who will not have the Christmas they would have wanted....hopeful thoughts for some peace and kindness in your lives in the coming year.

Very best wishes to you and yours. ......and I do thank you for looking.......


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We Have Wheels!!

Every now again lovely commissions come our way, which for one reason or another, require the talents of more than one miniature maker........

If you've been following my ramblings this year you'll perhaps remember the extended 1/12th family I created for Susan in Australia - a lovely lady loaded with talents of her own....not to mention her ability to paint a 'character' in words so that creating her 'family' became more of a pleasure than 'work'.

Although he was delivered many weeks ago, one of those characters has remained under wraps until now - because he needed transport. To be precise he needed a a wheelchair - way beyond my capabilities (even when dreaming).  However Susan knew just the lady to ask and now Gill has delivered the most wonderful wheelchair and it is perfect for 'Graff'. Wonderful!!

So we've all been take a look at the pictures on Susan's Blog, and also check out her wonderful mini-crochet, and even more pictures of the wonderful wheelchair on Gill's and her amazing prams and other super miniatures.  My thanks to Susan for the photograhs I've used here.

I've now managed to take a half way reasonable photograph of the remaining 1/48th characters completed recently. It's quite a mixed bunch, and like all my dolls, these are individually sculpted and are fully poseable.

Thanks for Looking

Friday, December 7, 2012

Back to the Little People

I had this plan - one of several that have fallen by the pre-Christmas wayside - to sculpt and create a  HUGE batch of the tiny people in 1/48th scale.  Dismally failed!!! Not enough hours in the day are there r
ight now?

I did manage to finish just a few little folk  before the wrist/hand decided to inflict pain again. These have now gone, or are on their way to new homes, courtesy I hope of the P.O.who must be making a fortune out of us 'small' makers.....30gm costs anything from 90p to £2.70 depending how fat the packet is!!! Grrr!!

I reckon these two cheery folk are off to face some wintry weather to judge by the big woolies, 'ats'n gloves!

Missus looks a bit peeved - probably all down to the less than brilliant photo I've taken of her, or the fact that she's got to help her hubby shift those sacks of flour!!
There will be more to show...but it's too dark now for even a reasonable chance at photographing them. At the best of times I don't think 1/48th scale photographs well, as no detail should be viewed larger than life size.  Never mind - if you'd like to see them for real come along to The Thames Dolls House and Miniature Fair on Saturday 23rd February, at The Leisure Centre, Thame, Oxfordshire.  It's always a fabulous, artisan only fair, and we love it.
All the details are on the website together with pictures from the makers and all the wonderful raffle prizes that are already coming in to raise funds for Breast Cancer Campaign.

And finally...I can't be the only one who hangs onto ancient/kitsch/naff/plain fun,  Christmas's one of my string of illuminated sheep........


Welcome also to new Followers - hope you enjoy both the miniatures and my ramblings.
Thanks for looking