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Friday, January 30, 2015

The Gamekeeper Wants A Wife.....

Just imagine that a kindly gamekeeper, not in his first flush of youth, is rather lonely without a wife.....
He has a perfectly splendid house, newly decorated with lovely 1930s furniture. Someone has to help!

So I created a 1/24th lady who is now called Ethel and has just joined her husband Richard. They look well-suited don't they?

Once again I have to thank a lovely lady who has sent me this super photograph of the pair of them at home, and for allowing me to share it with you. I just love this room, although she tells me some pictures and lights will be added to make it absolutely perfect.

Three more 1/24th chaps have been completed to join the Thame fair line up and a gang of 1/48th little people await some clothes!

Another beautiful orchid is out in the conservtory  - outside is wet and soggy and we're wondering if the snow will arrive.

Thank you for looking
Robin x

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's All In The Name!

I've just put the finishing touches to a little 1/48th scale cottage which will be on sale first at The Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair and I'm trying to come up with just the right name for reminds me of pretty old cottages alongside chalk streams in Wiltshire.

The old cottage is in need of a new family and some TLC

A detail showing the stream that runs into the old Mill Pond
The roof is removeable to allow easy access
I've finally got my act together and been working on some new 1/24th scale characters which again will get their first outing at the fair.  I make rather more elderly characters as a rule, but thought it would be a change to have a couple of younger ladies to start me off - there will be more. And at last some 1/48th scale bodies are waiting to be clothed.

 In other news our Little Vintage Toyshop Workshop is fully booked for both June dates.  We're both delighted and overwhelmed at the interest.  If there is enough interest we would consider re-running this one in September. Take a look at the Nostalgia in Miniature website for details. 

Thank you for looking
Robin x

Sunday, January 11, 2015

This Time Some Miniatures

I've had a very funny working week in which I've moved from changing a 1/24th lady's hair style, to titivating 1/48th cottages and working on a large field (no, don't ask....) then again I've had to do sensible 'paperwork' which is always a bit of a challenge!

In the back of my mind is the fact that the totally wonderful Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair is (it feels like) just around the corner.......big plug coming up! If you can make it, you'll love it!!

If someone is in need of a nurse with red hair, and the one you have has grey curls. what can you do?  Answer: remove hat, get curly with some red hair and change it!!

This exercise was also a reminder that DOLL STOCK IN ALL SCALES IS LOW...and the Thame Fair is 'just around the corner'. Am officially in panic mode now.

Back in late summer when I was confidently 'thinking ahead' I started to build a 1/48th single story shop and a quirky cottage to be set deep in the odd moments since then I've been finishing them, with a major push after Christmas.  These must be the longest-build tiny dwellings ever. However they are now finished and will be on sale first at, you guessed it, The Thame Fair.

I'll show you the cottage next time, but here's the little shop. I really wanted a change of colour so decided on a soft lavender/mauve for the paintwork and to 'promote' the lavender idea, have a pot of lavender at the door and call it... 'Miss Lavender's.......'

This is where I've hit a snag!!! Hopefully someone will want to give it a new home and may want an Emporium or a Dress Shop, or a Flower Shop or a Corner Shop or a Tea Shop.......all would work beautifully so I'll just leave it I think and not give it a sign over the door this time.

We were just trying out a couple of toys in the window when took this picture
Celia and I have been overwhelmed with the interest in our new Nostalgia in Miniature Workshop, The Little Vintage Toyshop - so have arranged not one, but two workshops in June on 13th and 20th.  All those on the Reserve List have been contacted and most have replied so both workshops are close to being full. Booking will be live on the website on January 19th for any spare places, and should by chance there be further demand we are able to consider a third workshop on 19th September -  we would need to know fairly quickly if you might be interested, but can I emphasise there would be no commitment at this early stage. Just get in touch with either of us to let us know.

Thank you for looking
Robin x

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year! what's planned?

I looked in vain for an appropriate miniature to photograph for this first blog of the year.....but I put my feet up, recharged batteries and caught up with my family over Christmas and New Year, so no 'work' to show at all! Nice break though!

I do hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to a New Year full of happiness and free from problems.
So.... no miniatures to picture....a very cold and soggy no pictures there either! At this time of year I can always cheer myself up with the conservatory and the plants that really don't care what's happening on the other side of the glass.  The orchids are kicking the New Year off - SO welcome.

I have some lovely new commissions to inspire my dollmaking over the next few weeks, and a teeny weeny garden to create - then (far too soon for me) The Thame Dollshouse and Miniatures Fair is coming up very fast on 21st February. Lots of fantastic artisans - details and pictures on the website, thanks to Felicity and Ron who are fired up for another great fair.
About now I start to panic that we can produce enough new and interesting items.........BUT WE WILL!

In other news and wearing the Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops hat I share with my chum Celia Thomas of KT Miniatures (who has a whizzy new website) - we are finalizing details for our LITTLE VINTAGE TOYSHOP WORKSHOP in June,  further details and the all important date will be live on the website in a couple of weeks, and preparing for another 'How To' feature for Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine later in the year. PHEW!

The Christmas decorations are back in the no more excuses.  Thank you all for popping in last year, I hope you'll do so in 2015 as well.

Thank you for looking
Robin x