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Friday, December 19, 2014


Happy Christmas From Coombe Crafts

As you can see, my little apprentice has created a very special Christmas card for Coombe Crafts this year!

I think it says everything about the spirit of Christmas, and I hope very much that however you celebrate, and wherever you are, it will be a happy and peaceful time.

I've enjoyed your company so much this year and thank you for Following or popping in, and for all the lovely comments and messages.  
Have a wonderful Christmas - back in 2015!

Thank you for looking
Robin x

Monday, December 15, 2014

Winding Up The Year

At last the Christmas tree is installed with baubles and lights, cards are arriving and the last few days have brought some special treats.

The very last rose looked beautiful dusted with sparkling frost

In my November 3rd blog I shared pictures of a little 1/24th scale Georgian family I had just completed, and a few days ago I was thrilled to receive super pictures of them outside their cottage - I love it when I'm lucky enough to see my characters in situ. Thank you so much Sally - and I love the robin on the porch and the Christmas wreath on the door! I understand the 'posh' cousins who were also pictured on the blog will be visiting shortly.....

Sharing my Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops hat with my great mate and partner Celia has been lots of fun and very rewarding, with two happy and successful workshops this year.  Thanks to all the lovely participants who attended; for your enthusiasm and great feedback and the super photographs of finished projects you have sent to us. We've just posted a couple of these on our blog -  - and also news and pictures of The Little Vintage Toyshop Workshop next year.

The Toyshop has been such joy to work on - although we love our gardens we also love vintage structures and tiny toys so it's been lovely to work in this area again.

We couldn't resist trying a few toys in the window - even though the back shelves had yet to be installed.

 We do a lot of research for all our projects and old books, catalogues and pictures are often as useful at the good old internet!! A vintage Jack-in-the-Box should fit in nicely.
The workshop is planned for a Saturday in June, although we can't confirm the date with the venue until early in January - we have a Reserve List if you'd like to be advised before Booking goes live just contact one of us. It is proving to be a popular project so it looks as if we may even run two workshops.

Now I just need to look for a special Christmas card for my next blog which will the last one of 2014.

Thank you for looking

Friday, December 5, 2014

Treasures from Kensington

I could simply fill this blog with a list of the fabulous and inspiring artisans  whose work I had the huge pleasure and privilege of seeing at The Kensington Dolls House Festival last Saturday...... I hope you'll enjoy seeing what I bought.

It was hard to tear myself away from my friend Deb Jackson's stand - she really does take the word 'miniature' to another level! If you can't get to see her work at one of the few fairs she attends, visit her website as the next best thing.
When I did tear myself away it was with an exquisite Christmas present to myself - a future heirloom!

The photographs of this tiny gipsy caravan really don't do it justice I'm afraid  - it's only 1 1/2" long and about 1 1/2" high and beautifully detailed.

And inside is perfectly furnished and equipped and even more detailed.

Elisabeth Causeret has so many goodies I always want to purchase them all! Eventually I managed to choose just one, this lovely hand thrown stoneware bowl.

The Newton Wood stand was another where I was spoilt for many original and interesting pieces. I chose one of the super tools - a bit and brace - and wish I'd bought chisels too!

 They'll be at The Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair on 21st February so I may get the chance then.  By the way, the list of fantastic artisans coming to Thame is  up on the website - it's going to be a tremendous fair!

It was lovely to say hello to Andrea Theick and admire her work- I've been following her blog with great interest as she prepared for this show. By the time I got there all her pretty Christmas decorations had been sold!
David Ward's wonderful mice busy sewing, surrounded by vintage cotton reels, threads and buttons were totally captivating  - this is where I run out of superlatives!
Great to see Trigger Pond back - looking forward to seeing them back at Thame as well.....couldn't get close enough to do more than wave at Julie Campbell as I peered over the shoulder of someone trying to decide which of her wonderful characters to buy......and Jain (Giddy Kipper) was busy too - I love her characters to bits as well....

I must stop or the blog will become the list I wasn't going to write........
Thanks to everyone who made it a great day.

Thank you for looking