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Friday, June 27, 2014

The World War 1 Project...A Review...and A New Workshop!

To be honest I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed at such very lovely comments both on and off Blog for the WW1 'how to' project that Celia Thomas and I have just had published in Dolls House and Miniature Scene....and I'd like to thank everyone. It was finished a while ago so it's great to now see it in print

I can't resist posting the cover again....

But do take just a peep inside at the first may just be tempted to create a scene of your own.

If you live in Oxfordshire you may be interested to see the scene itself and it's currently on display until 20th August, as part of a wonderful World War 1 Exhibition at The Thame Museum which is well worth a visit.
When it is returned to us we are planning to sell 'We Will Remember Them...' with 50% being donated to The Royal British Legion. If any individual or organization is interested, please contact us at any time.

You may remember earlier in the year, Lucie Roper the Editor of  Dolls House and Miniature Magazine, joined us at one of our workshops - it was a lovely productive and fun day at a brand new, super venue - and she's posted a full review in this issue.

These are very relaxed workshops suitable for both new miniaturists and those who have more experience - absolutely no pressure except to enjoy working on a unique little scene, at your own pace and finish it off at home if you'd like to.

We are working towards our next Nostalgia In Miniature Workshop on September 27th at Bicester Avenue Garden Centre in Oxfordshire. 'DOWN THE LITTLE OLD HERB GARDEN PATH' will be another gently faded nostalgic scene which aims for realism and we will share our skills and techniques and show you to use very ordinary materials in new and exciting ways to create a very special little scene and inspire you to go on with your own.

All the details are on our website, as well as lots of pictures of previous workshops and projects and Booking is Now Open! While numbers are limited  there are a few places still and we also have a discount offer if you'd like to come with a small group of friends. Bicester Avenue is an outstanding shopping centre too so there's a great opportunity for a little retail therapy.

Thank you for looking.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dolls House and Miniature Scene - World War 1 Project - OUT NOW!

So excited when the copy of Dolls House and Miniature Scene August Issue arrived this morning to see Part 1 of our World War 1 Bunker Scene 'We Will Remember Them.... '

More details in the forthcoming Blog...but in the meantime take a look at this super August Issue issue of the magazine
Thank you Lucie and the team!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Down In Scale Again

Some lovely ladies have been waiting for ages for a batch of tiny 1/48th characters to come last!
I'm also reminded that I don't post pictures of our 1/24th scale furniture often enough - so I'll put that right in this blog too.

Confessions first! Some weeks ago my laptop/internet/gremlins/SOMETHING went into meltdown and I lost some of my precious list of those ladies who had asked to be contacted when I had 1/48th dolls for sale.  As I don't make commissions in this scale I am happy to send pictures out when I have a 'batch' made. (I can sometimes add a particular character to a 'batch' if I know someone is looking for a specific character).
SO....if you are not one of those ladies who already know they will have dolls on the way - and should be/would like to be on the list, please would you be kind and email me. Thank you. 

I don't want to spoil the fun of opening the parcel and seeing the dolls for the first time so for now I'll just picture the ones who have arrived and the few that are still for sale and also include the two little witches who are looking for a new home as well. When they've all arrived I'll show the others.

This little couple are now in their new home 
These are now for sale
These are all fully pose-able, no more than 1 1/2" high and are priced at £25 each. For more details do email me.

Now for the 1/24th scale furniture - all original handcrafted items, both traditional and fun.  Again, for more details please email.

Thank you for the lovely comments on my Cornwall Blog ....I know lots of you love gardens and plants too...seems a good excuse to share a few more!

The Potager at Bonython Garden near Helsdon 
St. Michael's Mount
Terrace garden at St. Michsel's Mount
Thank you for looking.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wonderful Cornwall and Gardening on the Edge!

To be fair, other people's holiday pics. are not everyone's cuppa - so if you're not mad on the sea, Cornwall and more flowers.....I won't be offended if you skip this blog and wait for the miniatures next time.

We're just back from a lovely, lovely holiday in the far west of Cornwall, and we even had a sunny week to make it perfect.  I did take dozens of photos (as you do) and hope the following selection will be of interest or be a reminder of happy days in this beautiful county.

It's a wonderful coastline and this is a view from the dunes above Hayle.

Well known for the wonderful old gardens, often with exotic planting, Cornwall also has  its own wealth of wild flowers and the hedges at this time of year are dripping in colour and just as exotic in their own way. You probably know, but a Cornish hedge is in fact a combination of a stone wall and earth-topped bank  - sometimes with bushes on the top.

The pinks and purples of foxglove, wild gladiolus, Padstow Pride (valerian) and campion combine with blues of bluebells (still out in places) and echium then the bright white of wild garlic and cow parsley (which we call Lady Lace in this area) and lots of yellow cabbagey plants and alexanders. Magic!

For proper exotic we headed to St. Michael's Mount a magical and mystical island just off the coast opposite Marazion and walked across the causeway at low tide. The garden was open and we had a wonderful time clambering about like arthritic goats - this is where the gardeners abseil down from the castle to plant and weed!!

Puya chilensis

In Falmouth I couldn't resist taking a photo of this lovely rusty chain and anchor...

....and this peep towards the harbour down this narrow steep alleyway.

Thank you for looking.