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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wonderful Cornwall and Gardening on the Edge!

To be fair, other people's holiday pics. are not everyone's cuppa - so if you're not mad on the sea, Cornwall and more flowers.....I won't be offended if you skip this blog and wait for the miniatures next time.

We're just back from a lovely, lovely holiday in the far west of Cornwall, and we even had a sunny week to make it perfect.  I did take dozens of photos (as you do) and hope the following selection will be of interest or be a reminder of happy days in this beautiful county.

It's a wonderful coastline and this is a view from the dunes above Hayle.

Well known for the wonderful old gardens, often with exotic planting, Cornwall also has  its own wealth of wild flowers and the hedges at this time of year are dripping in colour and just as exotic in their own way. You probably know, but a Cornish hedge is in fact a combination of a stone wall and earth-topped bank  - sometimes with bushes on the top.

The pinks and purples of foxglove, wild gladiolus, Padstow Pride (valerian) and campion combine with blues of bluebells (still out in places) and echium then the bright white of wild garlic and cow parsley (which we call Lady Lace in this area) and lots of yellow cabbagey plants and alexanders. Magic!

For proper exotic we headed to St. Michael's Mount a magical and mystical island just off the coast opposite Marazion and walked across the causeway at low tide. The garden was open and we had a wonderful time clambering about like arthritic goats - this is where the gardeners abseil down from the castle to plant and weed!!

Puya chilensis

In Falmouth I couldn't resist taking a photo of this lovely rusty chain and anchor...

....and this peep towards the harbour down this narrow steep alleyway.

Thank you for looking.


Ilona said...

Well, actually I am very fond of the sea, I have never been in Cornwall (I am sorry ;)) and I LOVE flowers:)! So all together I can say, that you've spoiled me with these pictures, each of them look like a wonderful colored painting, thank you for sharing!
I hope you had a great time to relax.
"....clambering about like arthritic goats ...", oh, hilarious, what a saying :D LOL!!
What a beautiful place to be, Robin!
Kind regards, Ilona

Steinworks said...

thank you very much for sharing your photos I too have never been to Cornwall but it looks lovely and I dont mind seeing photos of your trip


Robin said...

Thank you for your lovely comments ladies! Glad you've enjoyed the pictures.

KT Miniatures said...

These photos are stunning Robin and is good to hear you had a good holiday. But as for "clambering around like arthritic goats" have no idea what sudden mental picture that conjures up in my mind....hahaha! Celia

Robin said... - don't tell me!

Drora's minimundo said...

Beautiful sights and lovely photos.
Thank you for sharing.
Hugs, Drora

Serenata said...

Fabulous photos Robin, what a lovely time you had AND you had good weather! We seem to always get rain when we go down there! Still not strictly true, the weather wasn't too bad last year.

Robin said...

Hi Drora and Serenata - glad you like the pictures.

Donna S said...

I loved your photos Robin and so glad you had a good vacation. I particularly liked those green succulants against the wall. An arthritic goat you are not! LOL

The grandmommy said...

My eye really caught on the pinwheel plant in the rocks. Nature is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Robin said...

The succulants are amazing aren't they! I have more pics. so you might see a few more yet ladies.

jenann said...

Well, this is very late (Blogger are misbehaving and I'm moving everything from their reader to Word Press) but I loved seeing your photos, despite Blogger's sabotage!
Lovely photos, thank you for sharing!