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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Down In Scale Again

Some lovely ladies have been waiting for ages for a batch of tiny 1/48th characters to come last!
I'm also reminded that I don't post pictures of our 1/24th scale furniture often enough - so I'll put that right in this blog too.

Confessions first! Some weeks ago my laptop/internet/gremlins/SOMETHING went into meltdown and I lost some of my precious list of those ladies who had asked to be contacted when I had 1/48th dolls for sale.  As I don't make commissions in this scale I am happy to send pictures out when I have a 'batch' made. (I can sometimes add a particular character to a 'batch' if I know someone is looking for a specific character).
SO....if you are not one of those ladies who already know they will have dolls on the way - and should be/would like to be on the list, please would you be kind and email me. Thank you. 

I don't want to spoil the fun of opening the parcel and seeing the dolls for the first time so for now I'll just picture the ones who have arrived and the few that are still for sale and also include the two little witches who are looking for a new home as well. When they've all arrived I'll show the others.

This little couple are now in their new home 
These are now for sale
These are all fully pose-able, no more than 1 1/2" high and are priced at £25 each. For more details do email me.

Now for the 1/24th scale furniture - all original handcrafted items, both traditional and fun.  Again, for more details please email.

Thank you for the lovely comments on my Cornwall Blog ....I know lots of you love gardens and plants too...seems a good excuse to share a few more!

The Potager at Bonython Garden near Helsdon 
St. Michael's Mount
Terrace garden at St. Michsel's Mount
Thank you for looking.


Steinworks said...

oh I love that terrace garden and your dolls are very cute too


Donna S said...

I really like the pink groundcover at St.Michael's Mount. Beautiful.And I am looking forward to my two little men arriving.

Ilona said...

These dollies are wonderful and so tiny, great work, Robin!
I love the pictures of the garden/plants/flowers too, thank you for sharing ;)!
Kind regards, Ilona

jenann said...

I love your tiny people! I just can't imagine how you manage to make them look so real at that tiny size.
Do people have little homes or furniture for them? Would love to see where they live when they leave you.
What a wonderful place St. michael's mount is. How lovely the West Country is. Hope you had a great holiday.
Jenni x

Robin said...

Oh! Such lovely comments from you all - many thanks. We had a lovely holiday and always enjoy spending time in Cornwall.
Yes the little people do have homes and we make the odd one or two, and furniture too. You can see these on the side bar - 1/48th Illustrated list Jenni.

jenann said...

They are WONDERFUL, Robin. I feel the need for a mini person and a tiny, furnished house comoing on. Oh dear, where does the miniature 'wants turning to needs' end? But, just imagine, I could have a portable abode and person to take on journeys!
J x

Robin said...

A portable there's a thought!