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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

This and That Blog...

At this time of year I'm torn between the garden and miniatures.  Mostly the garden won although a visit to Kensington Dolls House Festival was very inspiring.
Thanks to the warm wet weather, the garden is very colourful - also full of very healthy weeds which require serious attention.  The beautiful apple blossom I hope means we might get more than the two little apples we had last year.

My great mate Celia Thomas, and I have had our heads down working on the kits for our Nostalgia In Miniature summer workshops which are just around the corner. The Early 1900s Little German Style Shop is very versatile so we're looking forward to seeing what kind of emporia they all become. 

Talking of workshops and the prototypes we create - we do run out of space so a few get sold - mostly we keep them.  Celia has taken ownership of last year's 1/12th scale Little Vintage Toyshop and enhanced it with her own collection of antique and vintage toys - I love it!!!

The Original Toyshop
The Interior now that Celia has worked her magic
As many of you will know,  as KT Miniatures she is an acknowledged expert on antique and vintage dolls houses and their furnishings, so she is enjoying including  her personal collection of toys in the replica antique toyshop alongside those we created.  Her recent blog all about it is super - pop over and take a look here and read all about it.

Last weekend, KDF  - as we all fondly call it - was super, duper, inspiring. Actually I run out of superlatives and don't dare list all the stands that inspired  - just too many!! The Perfection In Miniatures (PIM )exhibits were particulary wonderful and I can't imagine how the judges were able to make their decisions. Pictures and details on KDF website.

I'll settle for showing you what I was able to purchase - rather more than usual thanks to a very special birthday present.  Thank you 'girls'.

Glasscraft candle sticks
Pansies by Sandi Sandri
Sally Meakin - Cabbage ware ceramics
Vase by Elisabeth Causeret

Thank you for looking