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Friday, February 25, 2011

Absolutely NOT Miniatures......

Like I said...Thame Fair..absolutely lovely, but need time off to recover....

Iris reticulata

So.... for those of you who know me well, it'll be no surprise that I've grabbed two or three days in the garden between the rainy days this week. If you have no interest in gardening.... it's O.K can skip all this and I'll get back to miniatures very soon, I promise!!

I. Kathleen Hodgkins

It's VERY soggy, but there's loads to be done - today I reduced a large hazel by about half ! Weilding hefty loppers or pruning and bushman saws is very therapeutic!! The lawn is full of hazel branches, but I shall use a lot of the twiggy stuff for staking plants and bring the catkins indoors to look spring-like in a vase with some forsythia.

The spring flowers are almost the best of the year I think, because they are the very first....the helebores are beginning to open, each one subtley different - quietly looking downwards so I have to scrabble about and lift their faces to see them properly. The early spring dwarf iris are the most striking;Iris reticulata, and I. Kathleen Hodgkins, which is my favourite.

Viburnum bodnantense

I could go on...but this is supposed to be a 'miniature' blog, so the last pic. is the flower that breaks the winter, on bare twig with wonderful almond scent - Viburnum bodnantense.

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures and a tiny diversion...let me take the opportunity to warmly welcome new Followers who have joined us recently.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Thame Fair...Some Thank-yous

We were looking forward to the Thame Dolls House Fair that was held on Saturday...and it was a lovely, lovely day!

Thanks, first and foremost to Felicity and Ron Holland who organized the fair for the first time - and what a great job they did too! They brought together over forty outstanding artisans from many varied areas of expertise and the smiling faces from 7.30am till after close at 4.00pm, showed how much their effort and hard work was appreciated by the standholders as well as the customers.

Thanks to the lovely customers who flooded through the halls and, especially in such difficult times supported us all, made kind and appreciative comments about our work and went home laden having spent out! We were astonished at how far many had travelled to come to the fair and told us all how highly it is regarded in the miniature world.

The Thame Dolls House Club, Market Town Miniaturists, put on a fabulous display of Seaside Stalls made by the members - as a newish member I confess my contribution was limited to painting a bit of the backdrop - and also raised funds for Breast Cancer Campaign with their now famous, Tombola. The Breast Cancer Campaign Sales Table groaned under the weight of contributions and the Raffle was wonderful. Frankly there isn't enough praise for the team that organized and ran both!!

On a personal note, it was lovely for us to catch up with old friends - both sides of the stand - and be inspired by the fantastic work around us on all sides. We have lots of work to do now to fill our gaps and new orders - 1/24th and 1/48th scales in particular- and we both appreciated the many kind comments.
For those of you who liked the 1/48th scale round Veryan cottage (pictured a blog or two ago)'s gone down to the west country to a lovely new home...couldn't be nicer!

I did manage to treat myself to some treasures: beautiful snowdrops and primroses from Jan Southerton, windfall apples and blackberries in an 'old' enamel bowl from chum Margaret Cassidy of Mags-nificent Miniatures, a teeny weeny white knitted rabbit by another chum Marlene Cooper of Model Town Miniatures and the miniature version of Memories of Bygone Oxford Shops by Hazel Bleay (a club member) from Dateman Books. I also purchased a wonderful Shoebutton Bear - sadly as a present, not for me......but next time....

I'm going to treat myself to a couple of days in the garden when it stops raining, so the next pictures may well be flowers not miniatures!
Thanks for continuing to read or follow my blog.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1/48th Scale Update and Some Ponies

If you are reading some of the same blogs as me, you'll know over 40 individuals, are getting ready for The Thame Dolls House and Miniatures Fair on Saturday. Apart from last minute panic, we're looking forward to a super day.

So - I've painted these commercially produced 1/24th scale ponies to within an inch of their lives, trimmed off manes and tails and made them saddles and tack...if you're an expert on saddlery, please don't look too closely!! The lady rider is quite a robust character I think and I've decided the chap is a farmer.

Also in 1/24th scale, another little lady doing her shopping, but more 1940s style. The lovely little basket is by Mouse House Miniatures.

Finally I had to face upholstering the latest offerings from the 'furniture workshop'....another 1/48th challenge....phew!
I've included two pictures here of the 1/48th settee and two easy chairs, the second also shows one of our 1/24th chairs in the same style to give a better sense of scale. They will be on our stand on Saturday.
These haven't yet been included on the 1/48th Illustrated List (in the left hand column), but it has been updated and the new dolls pictured there are some that will also be on the stand.

I still need to finish off a couple of 1/24th rocking horses, then it really is sort out the chaos and start price labelling and packing. If you are visiting the Fair, do come and say hello.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Town Crier....and other dolls

I thought I might be forgiven for putting up a picture of my 1/12th Town Crier once again, as I was flattered that it is one of the photographs illustrating the official advertisements for The Thame Dolls House and Miniatures Fair to be held on Saturday 19th February.

It's only a week away now - so it's a busy, busy time for me, all the other standholders and of course Felicity and Ron Holland who are organizing the fair itself. Another person who will be really busy on the day, promoting the fair all over town, and at the Leisure Centre itself, as well drawing the winning raffle tickets, is our lovely Thame Town Crier himself - Anthony Church - who has become a big part of the proceedings over the years and a friend to many of us. You may have guessed that the 1/12th doll is based on Anthony himself.

I said I'd been busy - so these are four of the 1/24th scale characters that will be going to the fair. They're all very different: a rather dishevelled tudor man, a smart little policeman, a cheery old monk with his staff to help him along and bare feet pushed into leather sandals. The final chap is a scot - complete with bagpipes - and there are ladies coming along too in the following days.

For full details of the fair and the great line-up of exhibitors.....visit
Thanks for looking.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

We Go Borrowing....

Apart from the little people, we also make furniture for this case for their 1/24th shop....which needs stocking with goods!

So apart from making the odd cabbage and loaf of bread and a few other 1/24th bits, necessary to accessorise our dolls, I know where to go for something special. For food I generally visit my chum Mags Cassidy of Mags-nificent Miniatures but this little shopkeeper really needed goods to sell, so first stop was another friend, Celia Thomas of KT Miniatures who has launched a new range of fantastic aged grocery goods and packaging in 1/24th scale alonside the 1/12th.
I borrowed some for this photo and I think you'll agree they look brilliant on the shelves and counter from our small range of shop items, although strictly speaking this little lady is rather too modern for the supplies, which are 1930s/40s.
Thanks Celia.

The errand boy is off to the villages with a basket of groceries.

We shall all be at The Thame Dolls House and Miniature Fair - do come and say 'hello' if you visit.
Thanks for looking.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Looking at Little Cottages......

Living in Cornwall for several years was really inspirational - and apart from the wonderful skies, moors and coast (and the clotted cream ......) - I fell in love with the cottages.

Principally a doll maker, I began to build 1/24th scale cottages, fitting them in between sculpting. It became something of a 'treat' for me as I created and continue to, just three or four each year depending how busy life is.

Veryan is a beautiful village, famous for its five round houses, built in the early nineteenth century by the Trist family of builders, apparently at the instigation of the local vicar, to provide work for the local men in hard-pressed times. They're white painted, all a little different, but each with an impressive Cross on the top of the pointed roof. The story goes that they are round so that the devil has nowhere to hide!

Inspired by these cottages I've just completed a little 1/48th scale one, and hope you'll enjoy seeing it. It will be on our stand at the Thame Dollshouse and Miniature Fair on 19th February.

Detail to show scale

The back of the cottage - with and without the removable roof

You'll see from the following pictures, that I've made other round houses - both are 1/24th scale. The white one is the most 'authentic', with traditional flint-bordered windows - one of the earliest ones and called 'Roundabout'. It was well before my digital camera, so the picture quality isn't great.
The other one, 'Blackberry Bottom' was commissioned for a family of mice, and has a blackberry bush growing around the back. The 1/24th scale houses all have open backs. Another day I'll put up pictures of ones that aren't round.

I must just say a quick 'Welcome' to new followers - sorry that I've not properly visited your blogs yet - and a special one to old friend Dave Williams of Harvington Miniatures, a great miniature painter (amongst other talents) who has just started a new blog - do take a look.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some more little 1/48th bits........

This is where I start looking at the calendar....and counting......

It can't have escaped your notice if you've been popping into this blog, that we have a stand at
The Thame Dollshouse and Miniature 19 days time!!!
If it has escaped your notice, bear with me - it will be the only thing on my mind until then.

I have just finished these 1/48th scale chests and think they'll make a pretty addition to a bedroom or nursery. I'm most pleased with the little nursery chest painted in blue with the three little rabbits under the tree.....'challenging'. I've used this 'scene' before on the 1/24th furniture featured a blog or three ago - and this time the picture here is more or less actual size.
The trunks are approx. 3/4 inch long and 3/8 wide and high, hinged to open and will be on sale first at The Thame Fair.
Many pieces like these have multiple uses, and of course the flowery ones would make lovely jewellery or work boxes in a larger scaled setting.
There will be more new things shortly - I'll be back when they're ready!

Thanks for looking.