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Monday, February 21, 2011

Thame Fair...Some Thank-yous

We were looking forward to the Thame Dolls House Fair that was held on Saturday...and it was a lovely, lovely day!

Thanks, first and foremost to Felicity and Ron Holland who organized the fair for the first time - and what a great job they did too! They brought together over forty outstanding artisans from many varied areas of expertise and the smiling faces from 7.30am till after close at 4.00pm, showed how much their effort and hard work was appreciated by the standholders as well as the customers.

Thanks to the lovely customers who flooded through the halls and, especially in such difficult times supported us all, made kind and appreciative comments about our work and went home laden having spent out! We were astonished at how far many had travelled to come to the fair and told us all how highly it is regarded in the miniature world.

The Thame Dolls House Club, Market Town Miniaturists, put on a fabulous display of Seaside Stalls made by the members - as a newish member I confess my contribution was limited to painting a bit of the backdrop - and also raised funds for Breast Cancer Campaign with their now famous, Tombola. The Breast Cancer Campaign Sales Table groaned under the weight of contributions and the Raffle was wonderful. Frankly there isn't enough praise for the team that organized and ran both!!

On a personal note, it was lovely for us to catch up with old friends - both sides of the stand - and be inspired by the fantastic work around us on all sides. We have lots of work to do now to fill our gaps and new orders - 1/24th and 1/48th scales in particular- and we both appreciated the many kind comments.
For those of you who liked the 1/48th scale round Veryan cottage (pictured a blog or two ago)'s gone down to the west country to a lovely new home...couldn't be nicer!

I did manage to treat myself to some treasures: beautiful snowdrops and primroses from Jan Southerton, windfall apples and blackberries in an 'old' enamel bowl from chum Margaret Cassidy of Mags-nificent Miniatures, a teeny weeny white knitted rabbit by another chum Marlene Cooper of Model Town Miniatures and the miniature version of Memories of Bygone Oxford Shops by Hazel Bleay (a club member) from Dateman Books. I also purchased a wonderful Shoebutton Bear - sadly as a present, not for me......but next time....

I'm going to treat myself to a couple of days in the garden when it stops raining, so the next pictures may well be flowers not miniatures!
Thanks for continuing to read or follow my blog.


Debie Lyons said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely day. It was lovely to meet up and have a chat.

Debie xxxx

Robin said...

Lovely to see you too Debie - it was a day full of friends!!

Sandra Morris said...

Great post Robin!

Good to know that Veryan Cottage is headed back to its homeland too.

Good luck with the's miserable weather here, grey and foggy. Roll on spring....

Sandra x

Robin said...

Gee thanks Sandra - it was such a super day I wanted to do it justice.
It's flippin' raining......!!!!

KT Miniatures said...

Was super being neighbours....what a great day we all had!!!!


Robin said...

Yes it certainly was! Only a year till the next one......

Dave Williams said...

Was great to meet up with you on Saturday, had lovely time, the standard of the fair was absolutely outstanding and your 1/48th work was just amazing, don't know how you do it.