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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

1/48th Scale Update and Some Ponies

If you are reading some of the same blogs as me, you'll know over 40 individuals, are getting ready for The Thame Dolls House and Miniatures Fair on Saturday. Apart from last minute panic, we're looking forward to a super day.

So - I've painted these commercially produced 1/24th scale ponies to within an inch of their lives, trimmed off manes and tails and made them saddles and tack...if you're an expert on saddlery, please don't look too closely!! The lady rider is quite a robust character I think and I've decided the chap is a farmer.

Also in 1/24th scale, another little lady doing her shopping, but more 1940s style. The lovely little basket is by Mouse House Miniatures.

Finally I had to face upholstering the latest offerings from the 'furniture workshop'....another 1/48th challenge....phew!
I've included two pictures here of the 1/48th settee and two easy chairs, the second also shows one of our 1/24th chairs in the same style to give a better sense of scale. They will be on our stand on Saturday.
These haven't yet been included on the 1/48th Illustrated List (in the left hand column), but it has been updated and the new dolls pictured there are some that will also be on the stand.

I still need to finish off a couple of 1/24th rocking horses, then it really is sort out the chaos and start price labelling and packing. If you are visiting the Fair, do come and say hello.
Thanks for looking.


Susan said...

Aw, how cute are those ponies! The riders are awesome, so well tailored! I shan't show my grandson, I have enough to do with one Thoroughbred and his stable.

Mary Williams said...

It's all amazing Robin, the furniture especially!

Jean Tuthill said...

Your work is amazing! The horses are really cute and the furniture is wonderful. Good luck at the fair. I hope you sell out!

Nicky CC said...

I admire you so much Robin for being able to make dolls in quarter scale!!! Your dolls are always fantastic! Hope the show went well xx