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Saturday, October 26, 2013 coming !

I've lovely customers who've been very patient this last year as I've had less time than usual to work on my doll making.
So at last here's another 1/12th character about to join his two companions in the long trek across the pond to a new life!

I hope the surprise of opening the parcel won't be spoiled if I share a picture of Angus, complete with his bagpipes with my blog readers.

This is another character positively demanding detail, so his kilt is well-pleated, the pin is in place and of course his sporran.  The bagpipes are always a bit of a challenge, but he looks happy enough with them I think.  I'm just finishing off two very posh C18th gents - loads of detail - lots of fun.  I'll show you next time.

Now I must make inroads into 1/16th, 1/24th and 1/48th commissions.....not all at the same time though...brain and eyes can't take that!

I promised I'd let you know when the next Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine World War 1 project was available - here it is - click on this link

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Still In 1/12th Scale...

What's really nice about working in 1/12th scale is that the detail is important - and it's rather nice to be able to concentrate on it.

The Nursemaid has just gone to meet the baby she's supposed to be looking after, and the old Sailor is heading off to take up his new life as well.

If you've looked in on my Blog over the last year or two you will have seen other old Salty Sams but I like to think that as the sculpt is always a one-off, they have slightly different characters. This time when I was photographing I was able to take advantage of using our Nostalgia In Miniature Victorian Seaside as a backdrop.  You might remember that Celia Thomas and I created this for the Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine a few months ago.

It's been really interesting to hear from ladies who, having bought the magazine, are following our instructions and creating their own seaside scene. (It would be lovely to see them.) The actual Seaside is for sale and we are donating 50%  to Breast Cancer Campaign, so if you feel tempted to create a diorama around a seaside theme but don't want to build it yourself, would like to see more pictures of it, and get the details - click on our website.

In other news we are looking forward to attending The Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition and Fair on 23rd November at Haddenham Village Hall - conveniently situated half way between Thame and Aylesbury. 
This is always a lovely day and Freda and George Dorrell who organise this popular event raise funds for important charities, showcasing the fabulous  work of a number of local Dolls House and Miniature Clubs. A small number of artisans also have stands including us (Coombe Crafts) and KT Miniatures which means there's lots to look and and some to purchase too. Celia and I (KT Miniatures) will also be squeezing in our Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops display stand so if you'd like to know more do come and say 'hello'.

It's a nautical week - so I have another old sailor to finish......and some bagpipes to make!

Couldn't resist including a picture of the lovely seeds heads of a clematis just catching the sun....

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Way back....way, way back actually.... my Aunty Ethel had a little shop.  Offically it was a confectioner's (sweet shop to you and me) - but of course in the late 50s/60s it sold just about everything, stopping short at buckets and pans.
She sold sweets, bread, butter, tobacco, cakes, shoe laces, biscuits, polish, flour, rice..... and wonderful flowers in season from her brother's garden, that sat in a bucket on the old stone step....

From the age of ten I helped at weekends and from the age of about fourteen ran it for a week each year on my own while she went on holiday. I'm just staggered when I think about it now - but at the time it seemed quite a normal thing to do..... I promise, there is a point to this tarradiddle...

A few weeks ago a relative retrieved Aunty Ethel's shop scales from his loft and gave them to me. Talk about memories!
The heavy cast iron base was originally painted a dull gold with the 'Salter' logo on the front - but that got badly tarnished and repainted decades ago.  It took me several days, a can of Brasso and a lot of elbow grease to bring back the shine to the brass and I'm thrilled to have them on show again.

It seemed only fitting that as I was finishing a pair of 1/12th shopkeepers, to picture them with the scales.  Meet Bert the baker and Mr Boffin the butcher.  Mr Boffin has several chaps working for him - Bert just has a son, he's a small baker!
Rather like the Vicar and Monk in the previous Blog, the working clothes of these gents wouldn't have changed very much between Victorian times and 1970s, which if my memory is right, is when overalls and began to arrive. Anyway  - these are old boys....and are about to leave me to open their shops elsewhere.

I've just read today that BBC is revisiting 'Open All Hours' for a Christmas Special - with Granville now in charge years later after inheriting his uncle's shop. Should be fun and good to see Arkwright's again!

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Men Of The Cloth....

I'm always interested in creating special characters for the people who are kind enough to commission something special - here are two of the latest, both 'men of the cloth'.

These two gentle men represent two quite different strands of The Church. What's interesting is that in decades or even centuries, very little has changed in terms of their appearance.  The monk could have stepped out of Robin Hood and the Vicar from a Jane Austin novel or vise versa - and yet they are still very much part of life today.

So my current 'work' is very much 1/12th based and if you happen to be waiting....I'm gettting up should be a couple of traditional shopkeepers.

Meanwhile my witchy friend is looking for a home for Halloween - and promises only good spells! If you're interested click here and email me - £38 + P&P.

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