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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Men Of The Cloth....

I'm always interested in creating special characters for the people who are kind enough to commission something special - here are two of the latest, both 'men of the cloth'.

These two gentle men represent two quite different strands of The Church. What's interesting is that in decades or even centuries, very little has changed in terms of their appearance.  The monk could have stepped out of Robin Hood and the Vicar from a Jane Austin novel or vise versa - and yet they are still very much part of life today.

So my current 'work' is very much 1/12th based and if you happen to be waiting....I'm gettting up should be a couple of traditional shopkeepers.

Meanwhile my witchy friend is looking for a home for Halloween - and promises only good spells! If you're interested click here and email me - £38 + P&P.

Thank you for looking


isabelle said...

Ils sont trop drôles!!!!très réussi!!

Steinworks said...

they're all so cute :)

Marisa :)

Robin said...

Thank you both - glad you like them

Susan said...

In real life things change little by little until not much of the original remains. Your figures keep history alive!

Robin said...

Ah...thanks Sus! Must have a catch up soon.