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Saturday, October 26, 2013 coming !

I've lovely customers who've been very patient this last year as I've had less time than usual to work on my doll making.
So at last here's another 1/12th character about to join his two companions in the long trek across the pond to a new life!

I hope the surprise of opening the parcel won't be spoiled if I share a picture of Angus, complete with his bagpipes with my blog readers.

This is another character positively demanding detail, so his kilt is well-pleated, the pin is in place and of course his sporran.  The bagpipes are always a bit of a challenge, but he looks happy enough with them I think.  I'm just finishing off two very posh C18th gents - loads of detail - lots of fun.  I'll show you next time.

Now I must make inroads into 1/16th, 1/24th and 1/48th commissions.....not all at the same time though...brain and eyes can't take that!

I promised I'd let you know when the next Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine World War 1 project was available - here it is - click on this link

Thank you for looking


Susan said...

Oh Angus! Be still my beating heart....
Every time you show another of your wonderful little peoples I neeeeed them!!
Your talent is astounding Robin, can I talk about another commission pleeease???

jenann said...

The bagpipes are perfect but Grandma Jean is concerned that you will give the irrepressible Grandpa Roland ideas....His enthusiasm outstrips his talent in many of his hobbies!

Robin said...

You both give me such a giggle - not to mention the fact that your commissions are always a total joy!!
Email me Sus - we need a catch up!
Didn't know Grandpa needed a new hobby... what about that roof?

jenann said...

Heehee! Grandpa is a man of wide and varied interests. He hadn't considered music until he saw Angus with his bagpipes.