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Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Town Crier....and other dolls

I thought I might be forgiven for putting up a picture of my 1/12th Town Crier once again, as I was flattered that it is one of the photographs illustrating the official advertisements for The Thame Dolls House and Miniatures Fair to be held on Saturday 19th February.

It's only a week away now - so it's a busy, busy time for me, all the other standholders and of course Felicity and Ron Holland who are organizing the fair itself. Another person who will be really busy on the day, promoting the fair all over town, and at the Leisure Centre itself, as well drawing the winning raffle tickets, is our lovely Thame Town Crier himself - Anthony Church - who has become a big part of the proceedings over the years and a friend to many of us. You may have guessed that the 1/12th doll is based on Anthony himself.

I said I'd been busy - so these are four of the 1/24th scale characters that will be going to the fair. They're all very different: a rather dishevelled tudor man, a smart little policeman, a cheery old monk with his staff to help him along and bare feet pushed into leather sandals. The final chap is a scot - complete with bagpipes - and there are ladies coming along too in the following days.

For full details of the fair and the great line-up of exhibitors.....visit
Thanks for looking.


Debie Lyons said...

They are all great Robin. I am comng for a visit so see you next week. I am sure you will sell ooooodles.


Debie xxxx

Susan said...

That scotsman looks awfully like my husband! Love the bobby :) You'll come home empty handed I'm sure.

Mary Williams said...

They're all gorgeous Robin, I love the monk!

Robin said...

Many thanks ladies - they were all fun to make.
It'll be lovely to see you next week Debie.

KT Miniatures said...

Am having coffee with the real life sized Thame Town Crier on Tuesday! What a lovely man he is...and in miniature too!!! Less than a week to go now Robin to THE big day....then sanity can prevail. Shall look forward to seeing all your mini creations in the flesh!!!