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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We Have Wheels!!

Every now again lovely commissions come our way, which for one reason or another, require the talents of more than one miniature maker........

If you've been following my ramblings this year you'll perhaps remember the extended 1/12th family I created for Susan in Australia - a lovely lady loaded with talents of her own....not to mention her ability to paint a 'character' in words so that creating her 'family' became more of a pleasure than 'work'.

Although he was delivered many weeks ago, one of those characters has remained under wraps until now - because he needed transport. To be precise he needed a a wheelchair - way beyond my capabilities (even when dreaming).  However Susan knew just the lady to ask and now Gill has delivered the most wonderful wheelchair and it is perfect for 'Graff'. Wonderful!!

So we've all been take a look at the pictures on Susan's Blog, and also check out her wonderful mini-crochet, and even more pictures of the wonderful wheelchair on Gill's and her amazing prams and other super miniatures.  My thanks to Susan for the photograhs I've used here.

I've now managed to take a half way reasonable photograph of the remaining 1/48th characters completed recently. It's quite a mixed bunch, and like all my dolls, these are individually sculpted and are fully poseable.

Thanks for Looking


Susan said...

Your "old chap" is a treasured member of my miniature family Robin, heartfelt thanks for your patience and talent helping populate my Miniature World!! Warm hugs, Sus

Robin said...

I think I ended up loving them all nearly as much as you - you brought the 'family' to life so vividly.
Have a lovely Christmas and REALLY GOOD 2013