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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Getting back to the little ones.........

Like everyone else, I'm sure...I've been busy. The garden calls very loudly, especially in this lovely weather - so I've done a bit....and gone back to the work-bench.....

This 1/24th family are a version of 1950s Railway Children......well sort of.....'Dad' works on the railways, and this is a special nostalgic commission.

The children here are also 1/24th scale - but little'uns!

Still in the 1/24th scale - these ladies are just about to stop off for a cuppa, and possibly a scone, before they go shopping........

As you can see, I've been working in the smaller scale for a few weeks (although 1/12th characters are shouting from the sidelines 'make me!!'). For those of you who read my blog and are waiting for 1/48th characters........they're on the list, I promise!

....... but Easter is coming so I've sneaked in a picture of one of the loveliest spring flowers in my garden - The Dogs Tooth Violet.

Have a lovely Easter everyone - and once again - thanks for looking.


KT Miniatures said... the 1950s Railway Children Robin....inspiring!!!Celia

Christine said...

I've just been having a lovely catch up of recent blog posts and love your garden pictures sprinkled among your new people (who are also delightful) The wildflowers are absolutely stunning and to think for years they have just grown without human aid. It is a remarkable planet.

Thank you. :)

Mags Cassidy said...

Haha..just love those Grannies in their coats!

Robin said...

Thanks ladies!! I'm glad you like the latest 'offerings' and the flowers too. Have a lovely, lovely Easter.

Mary Williams said...

I love the Grannies too Robin they're gorgeous