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Thursday, March 10, 2016

1/24th Scale Handcrafted Furniture At Sale Prices - Part 1

As promised I have now properly organized our 1/24th stock that has recently been reduced in price.  I hope I've photographed and listed the details in a way that makes absolute sense to you a while I'll do the same with  another group and then 1/48th scale pieces, although there is less in this scale.

All our items are original designs and entirely handcrafted - unless otherwise stated the colour is mid-oak, not all pictures show this clearly. The number in stock of each item does vary a great deal - from just one to three or four so to avoid disappointment may I suggest that if you are interested in puchasing you email me (contact email on side bar) as soon as possible to check availabilty and be advised of postage cost.

Each picture is numbered and the items also indentified by letter (A, B, C etc) - please quote.  Since I mentioned the sale several of you have been in touch and some items have been sold - thank you. Clearly marked on the pictures are those that are no longer available. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Picture 2.

A.  Closed Bureau -drawers for effect only – non opening - £7
B.  Open Bureau – drawers for effect only - £8
C.  Chest of Drawers –  drawers for effect only - £6.
D.  Wardrobe - doors for effect only - £8
E.  1930s radio - £6
F.  Revolving Bookcase – Edwardian style, it really does revolve and is a replica of a real one - £13
G.  Small octagonal arts and crafts style table - £13.
I.  'Throne' chair - £8
J.  Tudor style chair - £8.
K.  Oblong side table – Arts and crafts style  - £13

Picture 3.

A.  'Bamboo' set of table and 2 chairs - £15
B.  Handpainted with  a dainty scene of rabbits and countryside, matching wardrobe (non opening doors) and a trunk which does open for you to fill.  Looks sweet in a nursery - £15
C.  Kitchen table – drawer for effect - natural wood - £4
D.  Round Edwardian/Victorian pot cupboard – replica of a real one. Faux marble top and one shelf inside.  Cut from one  piece of wood - £17
E.  Round cupboard with drawers which all open – original and unique piece of furniture inspired by the pot cupboard - £19
F.  Tea box/caddy on stand - £4.
G.  Panelled chest which opens for storage - would suit tudor home -  £13
H.  Folding ironing board – natural wood - £7 each

Picture 5.

What-nots - £15 each – choice of three – A, B or C. Each of these delightful little Victorian/Edwardian style What-nots is filled with a unique collection of handmade teapots as well as the shells, ornaments and decorative plates and other items so loved by this generation.

There are further items to bring to you, which I'll do in a day or two.

Thanks for looking

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