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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Back to Some Little People

I've enjoyed myself the last couple of weeks getting back to some serious sculpting  creating some familiar 1/12th scale characters that I haven't made for a while and also, in another scale, some new ones.

A lady  of a 'certain age' out doing her shopping is an old favourite of mine. As well as always sculpting a new face I can ring the changes with sensible coats and shoes and switch between a stylish felt or comfy knitted hat and a well- loved handbag or a sturdy basket. So this new lady who has now departed for her new home has a rather nice pale green winter coat and a very warm pull-on chenille hat - she's carries a good sized basket made by the brilliant Mouse House Miniatures, as she's obviously doing the weekly shop. Their baskets are super and the vast range of the most realistic vegetables and fruit, just wonderful.

I've decided she could easily be a Granny.... so maybe she's meeting the children from school?

Both in school uniform - both in the ubiquitous navy gaberdine mac - he's wearing the standard grey shorts, which always seem to be a little too long, to allow for growing, and the hated school cap. His sister wears a blue check frock under her mac and a grey felt hat. 
I had one of those - how I hated it!!! Wearing the same one from aged 10 1/2 to 18 it became a dreadful shapeless affair which we all loathed with a passion. On leaving school everyone signed each other's hats in biro or chucked them in the school pond. Mine (signed) ended up as a cowboy hat for one of my small sons in due course - much better!
In the summer as sixth formers we were obliged to wear straw boaters...........I think I donated mine to an amateur dramatics group!

As you can see the children have leather satchels and also scarves, because it might be winter  - I've left their new owner to decide whether they need to wear them or not so they aren't fixed in place.

My next commission was in 1/24th scale and I'll show that to you next time as at the moment the little people are en route for their new home and I don't want to spoil a surprise.

Easter is nearly here.  In U.K. our clocks go back one hour so it will be light and bright in the mornings and hopefully spring will well and truly be here.  In my garden I have delicate primroses and blue amenomes and bluebells just beginning to break bud - a beautiful and hopeful time of year.

There is so much sadness around the world, so however you celebrate Easter - and if you don't - may I wish you all a peaceful and special time with those you love.

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Ilona said...

Hi Robin! You already know that I absolutely LOVE your characters, so these new ones are no exception to that ;)! Love the Granny, but those poor they really have to go in uniform to school (but I know they must....) :P?!!
I loved reading your story about those caps/hats of the school uniforms, did they really do all these things with their uniform caps/hats after school LOL ;)?? Thankfully we never had school uniforms, here in The Netherlands, because you should not know what I should have done with my uniform hat, if I had to wear one :D!

Yes, I fully agree with you: nowadays there is so much sadness around the world....*sigh*
So I wish you and your family a peaceful Easter weekend too: make it cosy and special together with your loved ones.
Hugs, Ilona

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Robin! Your granny doll in her Spring green winter coat is Just Lovely! She has such a kind and caring face too! The story of the school uniforms was an interesting one to read. I think that uniforms at school are such a good idea, although for most schools that I know of ( other than private ones) they are not required, which I find to be a shame. Some of what I see children wearing to school these days, is often inappropriate in the extreme.
Your children dolls may not like their caps but I sure do! :D
Have a Wonderful Easter weekend, and even though there are many troubles in this world, Jesus will always be our PEACE on earth.