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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Some More Little People

The two latest 1/24th characters have arrived in their new home and are ready to groom the horses!

I always have fun and original commissions from my friend Diane - and the last one was another.
Her club, as their new project were making sheds - nothing new there - then it got more interesting.  Sheds, but not as we know them! I'm dying to know what all the members came up with but I know one might end up as a beach hut and the other stables!  Which is where I came in.

Clearly the stable needs someone to keep things neat and tidy and the horses and ponies mucked and well looked after, which of course is where Dad comes in, not to mention a young teenager mad on riding ready to take out the pony.

I've loved creating these little characters and hope very much that in the fullness of time I'll get to see them in situ.

A friend in the north tells me they've had snow, torrential rain and wonderful sunny days in the same week - that's British weather for you! Further south we've missed the snow but had the rest.  Yesterday I had a lovely productive gardening day and my little cats came out to sunbathe.

Lily chose a sunny spot right on top of plants in the border of course and positioned herself photogentically next to a clump of bluebells.

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PILAR6373 said...

Preciosos tus nuevos personajes!!
Adorable Lily!!

jenann said...

More adorable little folk!
I've agreed with the DH that I will organise the guest room (that we wouldn't feel comfortable expecting any poor guest to sleep in -what a mess!)and that I may then find a little 1:24 home for some of your 1:24 people.
Grandpa Roland and Prof Von Grecon are thrilled at the prospect of no longer being the smallest men in Dolly Mixture Lane, so that's 3 men in my life insisting I start spring cleaning..... do you have a fork lift truck I can borrow? And maybe a couple of very large skips...?
Being a granny seems to take up a lot of time and housework is something I'm prepared to drop in favour of hugging the little fella. Grandma Jean is disgusted and threatening to call one of those Hoarders type TV programmes in, but I have no shame!

Donna S said...

Am really enjoying your photos and the new little people. Am also jealous of the weather. My part of Canada had yet another dump of snow last night and my poor daffodils are buried! I hope they survive.

Lucky Lily to have such a nice spot to snooze.

Christel said...

such sweet little dolls. I enjoy seeing your new work. Christel Hutson