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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Bodies Everywhere...then there's the garden....

Before I can create some new characters, I get sculpting.  Before I can tame Mother Nature, who is winning in my garden at present, I need to try my best to ignore the distraction of autumn splendour.

I'm working on outstanding orders for 1/24th scale characters at the moment and I've just finished a cheery little gardener.  I'm hanging on to him for a week or so as his home isn't quite ready - meanwhile I could use him in my own garden.

These misty dew-drop mornings do make everything look magical; wonderful seed heads and berries and diamond-sprinkled gossamer spider webs.
However when I look a little closer I can see that I need to get out there -  and putting it brutally  - hack it back!!
A small wild rose clung to the fence when we moved in a few years ago - it was so lovely I thought I'd leave it for a bit. BIG mistake! Now it's a thug (still a very beautiful thug mind you), doing its best to tear down the fence and bash down the damson plum and tamarisk standing in it's way. Its thorns are fiercesome!

So I got out there with secateurs and thick find it covered in glowing orange rose hips.  I trimmed it a bit...I picked some hips as they look so beautiful.......I'll have another go next week......

As I said - the sculpting comes first.  In the back of my mind while I'm working are pictures of new characters. There are some 1/48th bodies in the box already and these in 1/24th scale are the beginnings of a new family which I'll hope to show you soon.

Thank you for looking.


jenann said...

Hi Robin
How lovely to see a sweet teeny gardener cousin of my dear old 1:12 Arthur. I so love your elderly folk - the over 60s are a neglected age group in many a dolls' house!

We are working on the garden at Ty Arthur now. It would help a great deal if Arthur put his beloved carrots down to work two handed from time to time. I believe he loves them so much that he might even take them to bed or in the bath with him......

We would still like to go on your list for a mail order bride for him, if possible when ever you have time. She needs to be a lady who is happy to prep rather lot of fruit and veggies though, not one who likes to sit around watching day time television. Arthur is willing to give up a little of his garden if she would like to have an area for her own enjoyment. He would like potential candidates that he is clean and tidy around the house and always takes his muddy boots off at the back door.

Robin said...

Hiya - lovely to hear from you! I could do with your Arthur in MY garden right now! I'll email you about his mail order bride - full of character and over 60!
Just like some of us...chuckle...

Donna S said...

Love your elderly gardener! I could use him too. I just have to get out there and clean up and take the last of my rhubarb in - want to make jam.
Enjoy your blog so much.