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Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Family from the Farm

Dollmaking has been going rather well lately and more little characters have been heading out to their new homes.

This little post-war family has just moved into their famhouse.  In 1/24th scale, children are always a bit more of a challenge but complete this little group.  Dad's already got his coat and hat on ready to get out there and tend the animals and no doubt when the girls have gone to school, his wife will be working just as hard alongside him.

In the same scale, a wife for the gamekeeper and a nun coming soon......

If you're a regular dropper-in to the blog you might remember I mentioned a surge in sailors this year......obviously these sea-going gents take a trunk with them then tuck away gifts for loved ones on their return journey.

This little 1/24th sailor's trunk contains such gifts and also his trusty spyglass, logbook, uniform and bible.  To judge by the map fixed into the lid, I'd say he was homeward bound via the West country ports. I just have two little trunks in stock - if you'd like details just email me. 

Thanks for looking.


jenann said...

Such fun! Sailors and farmers, all are catered for - or even provided in person - at Coombe Crafts!

PILAR6373 said...

Es una familia adorable!!!!! Me encanta el baúl con los tesoros que esconde!!

Robin said...

Just back from a few days break - lovely to come back to such lovely comments.
Thanks ladies.