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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Such A Treat In The Inbox!!

Yesterday's Inbox wasn't very exciting....the usual trivia from the supermarkets and budget hotels....but then a gem!!

Such a lovely email from Carmen ordering another interesting little character, but even better, such exceptional photographs of her own projects!! Thank you so much Carmen for allowing me to share these pictures.

I was really thrilled to see 'Penny Farthing Stores' again, one of my 1/48th scale village shops, now that she has installed our teeny furniture and weeny 1/48th characters. What excites me just as much is the wonderful collection and arrangement of individual items - from amazing miniscule bottles and jugs on the shelves to the wonderful fruit and vegetable baskets!! We just can't stop looking at the wonderful little scenes. Click on the pics. to enlarge.

And - just when you think it can't get any better - along comes the 1/24th scale Vicar visiting his sick parishioner!

I'm always delighted when my lovely customers send me pictures showing how they have incorporated our characters and other items into their own very special scenes.  Thank you all.



Elizabeth S said...

PENNY FARTHING- What a Terrific name for a store, and what a charming little bit of daily activity going on inside! :)) The tiny villagers are busy with the produce and interacting with each other and everyone is friendly and helpful. Love the vicar paying a sick-visit too.
Your dolls are Wonderful Robin, and as small as each of them are, they are people that one would wish to know and Carmen has displayed them to perfection!

jenann said...

How wonderful! Isn't that cute little abode and business? It must be great to see your little people settled in a comfortable, happy home!

17-17 said...

Wonderful cottage! outside and inside, simply fantastic!!

Donna S said...

What a lovely little store, Carmen has done a super job! Such an inspiration.

Robin said...

Well we all agree - Carmen has done a super job transforming 'Penny Farthing Store' into a living breathing little establishment. Once again I must thank Carmen for sharing her lovely work with us all and showin gmy work off perfectly.