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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Grapes and more grapes.....

This last week I've been finishing kits in preparation for our last 2015 workshop next weekend - trying to organise my 'outstanding' order pad and had a very small foray into my overgrown garden. .

As far as the garden is concerned, really the only problem I have is a surfeit of grapes! I realise many would say 'lucky you' - however- there are too many as we are really bad at pruning out the excess, they are not ripening very quickly, they have PIPS - and finally the blackbirds and squirrels are fighting us for them!!!!  What to do???

I hate pippy grapes.  I'm not into wine making - I suppose I could juice them  - or leave them to the wildlife?  It seemed such a good idea when we planted it...........

Suddenly on September 1st Autumn arrived with a chilly and misty morning, and I realised summer was over -  I keep wondering where my summer went.
Just to prove the season has changed,  in a corner of the gravel garden, cyclamen have popped up their delicate heads.

Deborah who tells me she enjoys my gardening rambling in the blog is also waiting for additions to her miniature family - so this is especially for you Deborah!

Thank you for looking

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Elizabeth S said...

Hi Robin! It sounds like your part of the world and mine have been experiencing the same radical shift in the weather. After the longest, hottest summer EVER!, it has become like the middle of autumn nearly over-night. But I for one, do not mind the cooler weather and the plants in my garden are responding much like yours is now doing- coming back to life!
Love the cyclamen :D