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Friday, August 28, 2015

Meet the Family!

I am talking about a miniature family of course, but I do hope that like me, you've been able to spend some time with your own  families and friends this summer.

The new 1/12th family is about to take up residence in their own home.  For a rather nice change they're fairly modern and quite young - Mum and Dad and their young son and teenage daughter.

Every now and again the miniature world seems to have the same thought - this year it seems that the seaside and all things nautical is a big influence.  Rather nice for me as the old retired fisherman Sam in his various incarnations is now settled in a number of seaside cottages.
I know you've seen him before - as I do keep saying - but here's Sam again....and again! The beauty of handsculpting without the use of moulds is that facially each character is always different

Wearing our Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops aprons, Celia and I are putting the finishing touches to the kits for our last workshop of 2015.  The Little Vintage Toyshop has been our most popular workshop to date and to our surprise and delight 38 ladies will soon have completed their own
toyshops full of vintage style toys of all descriptions.  No pressure then, as already we begin to plan and design for next year!

If you are interested in making a turn of the century shop with nostalgic faded elegance do take a look at our website. This time there will be a choice of 1/12th or 1/24th scales and we are happy to add you to the Reserve List, which implies NO committment but means you will have all the details before it goes 'live' to the wider public.

Paulene completed her toyshop earlier in the year and we were thrilled when she said we could share her pictures with you.  What a wonderful shop she has made with so many of her own individual touches - we love it!  Thank you Paulene.

Thank you for looking


jenann said...

What a great little family, Robin and I bet you didn't even have to buy in special food for these quiet little visitors! Love the old sailors too.
Grandpa sends his greetings - he's been quite a traveller recently and is famous in Hereford hospital. Have had to hide him and tell him to keep quiet when a certain consultant turned up, or he might have gone home in his pocket!

Elizabeth S said...

Hi Robin! I LOVE your retired sailor and you are so right about Nautical being the prevailing theme in miniatures this year. However, I have always loved anything to do with the sea (except for actually getting wet), and so this seasoned fisherman really appeals to me! Beautifully done I must say with plenty of Fish Stories to tell too judging by the looks of him! :D

Robin said...

Lovely comments Jenny and Elizabeth - lovely ladies!
I did have to chuckle at Grandpa lurking at Hereford Hospital Jenny - but glad he's keeping you company.Big hugs for you both.

I've just caught up with the latest installment of your amazing kitchen Elizabeth - I could just move straight it. Love it.