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Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Spring Market...and other things...

I love it that here in the historic market town of Thame in Oxfordshire, we still have proper market days. On Tuesdays the Upper High Street is a cheery, colourful bussle with stalls selling everything from fruit, flowers and eggs to pairs of shoes and mobility scooters. Once a month the Farmer's Market comes too. Anyway - this Tuesday I found it hard to resist the flower and plant stalls.... I bought some lovely cheery daffodils 'cum up from Cornwall' which I popped into a jug with Forsythia from the garden.  The fabulous quirky Red Cat, Yellow Cat  limited edition print that's sitting just behind was a super duper Christmas present.  If you'd like to see more of this talented Nottingham artist and illustrator's work click on Corrina Rothwell's website and I promise you'll love her work and have a giggle at the same time....paintings, printings, cards.... what's not to love!

Hard to pass a plant stall, as I said - so I came home with this beautiful Polyanthus tucked into a basket.  I just love the colour of the flower, which reminds me of a velvet Tudor frock, against dark leaves. It will go into the garden later.

Thanks to all of you who have browsed Coombe Crafts Shopping on the side bar, and also purchased.  I meant to include this little 1/24th scale nursery chair with the cuddly teddy bear and other toys - it's the only one left with a teddy bear and £14...... I will update in a bit...

The 1/12th scale Whatnot on the 'shopping list' has now been sold but here's another, this time with two tiny cottage teapots and also greatly reduced to £15....I'll update in a bit...

If you'd like to purchase or need more details of the nursery chair or Whatnot just email me.

Thank you for looking
P.S. And have you seen that postal cost are going up again at the end of the month?  I feel a rant coming on!

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