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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In Which I Attempt a Shopping List....

It's a well-known fact that technology and I are not friends - techno-mates and relatives do their best to instruct me but I fall short of their several miles. Still I thought I'd have a bash at putting some kind of list on the side bar of this Blog, just to show some of the items in stock and available for sale.
I reckoned it couldn't be that the destructions and HELP....and called in reinforcements!!!  For heavens sake I've only just figured out how to create a table in a document - this was hard!
I was/am (let's be positive here) after something simple that I could update myself....the reinforcements had a bit of a chuckle as I made notes (on a bit of paper) and figured I'd be calling him back when I needed to update!

Anyway I've changed the order around on the sidebar a bit and now if you look at Downloads you'll see Coombe Crafts Shopping.  It's all a bit 'informal' but I hope you'll enjoy browsing and contact me if you'd like to make a purchase, get more details or enquire about what else might be available.
Thank you for looking


jenann said...

Reinforcements seem to expect us to fail! Mine see me as a geriatric imbecile because I don't want an all singing all dancing smart phone - the real reason is I can't see anything on the screen, so it's wasted on me and, anyway, we have no reception round here.
Love your new side bar bits, it's lovely to see your available house tenants. Very tempted by the little boy in the gaberdine. Does Arthur see him as a potential grandson?
Jenni xx

Robin said...

.....I usually do.....and I don't want a whizzy phone either Jenni!
Glad the side bar is O.K. - have to get modern sometime.
Poor lad does need someone to look after him - has been on his own for a while....