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Monday, February 24, 2014

.....And Some Thank You's

Well - that's it until 2015!! I can't believe I'm talking a year ahead, but this is now the only fair we attend! The Thame Fair kicked off to a sunshiney start on Saturday (amazing) so it's another year before I can look forward to doing it all again. I admit to being a tad weary.......

I forgot to take my camera so sadly no pictures of the fair or our stand - so I thought I'd picture the miniature version of our old friend Anthony Church the Town Crier.  For the first time in 'forever' our lovely, lovely Town Crier was unable to attend and we so missed his cheery presence both at the fair itself where he always calls the magnificent raffle draw, and around local towns where he plays an active part in drumming up custom reminding everyone about The Thame Miniature and Dollshouse Fair and Breast Cancer Campaign fundraising.  Hope you're soon feeling better Anthony!

As always it was a lovely fair and we'd like to thank those of you who came along to say 'hello' as well as those buying from us of course.  So many folk remarked again on the friendly atmosphere and the very high standard of the artisans present - an oportunity to choose original work and meet the maker too.  I'm sure that Felicity and Ron, the organizers, will announce the amount raised for the charity when counting is complete  - all due to the hard working volunteers and the many people who donated so generously.

Perhaps the awful weather recently and the impression (wrongly) that the whole of Oxfordshire was under flood water was responsible for a somewhat reduced attendance this year.....must try  harder next year to make sure everyone knows in plenty of time to plan visiting if the weather throws another wobbly!!!

Some items shown on recent blogs are still available, so do email if you would like details of something specific. I'm hoping to create a 'Shopping List' as part of the blog shortly - I'll let you know when it's ready.

Thank you for looking


jenann said...

What a shame Mr. Church was indisposed this year, especially if there is only to be a once a year opportunity for him to demonstrate his skill. I do hope he wasn't seriously ill?
Perhaps you lost a few customers/fair attendees because they had to cross the flooded parts to get to you? The news broadcasts have made it seem far more widespread than it has actually been. It is a major problem for those concerned, as I know to our cost, but I think they sometimes do more harm than good with the modern, chatty, shock-horror methods of presenting. A good map of the areas affected within each county, showing the roads and rail links to avoid would be a lot more helpful than repeating a dozen times the film clip old Mr. Doodah bravely climbing into a dinghy whilst holding his goldfish bowl aloft, or some such - sorry though I might be for Mr. Doodah and said goldfish!
Hwever, news in picture form of all the Coombe Craft citizens is still of the utmost importance and I eagerly await pics of them, once their creator has slept a little more.
Jenni x

Robin said...

You're right of course - 24 hour rolling News is both a blessing and a bit of a curse at times. I think it all became a bit of a muddle in the end so I don't blame anyone - especially in badly affected areas - for thinking it much safer to stay at home.
Hope you're beginning to dry out Jenni