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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Little People!

Having concentrated on showing my little dwellings in the last two blogs, it's time to focus on the little people I've been creating in both 1/24th and 1/48th scales.  As well as some familiar ladies and gents I make regularly, there are some brand new characters that I hope you'll like and some that are putting in an appearance after a time away.

First of all a few of the new tiny 1/48th people, perhaps to live in one of the three houses or run the shop - and of course a little witch to cast a happy spell on the fair coming up soon...very soon!

Both a monk and a pedlar lady have appeared on the Coombe Crafts stand before, but not for a year or two, so it's been fun to make them again.  I filled her basket - which is a lovely one by Mouse House Miniatures, who are on the stand next to me at The Thame Fair - with lovely silk ribbons, old lace and pretty bottles and jars.

This little lady is off to do her shopping pushing her new shopping trolley - it's obviously going to rain as she's
wearing her 'mac' and tied a headscarf over her new perm.

The last two for this blog are the Scotsman and Morris dancer - I can't honestly tell you what clan the Scot belongs to but the Morris Dancer has the Uffington White Horse on the back of his jacket so he must belong to the Ickneild Way Morris!

In a day or two I'll put up some pictures of some of the others - but 1/12th need a top up! 

There are some of the finest miniaturists in the U.K. at the upcoming fair - THAME DOLLSHOUSE AND MINIATURE FAIR on Saturday 22nd February at Thame Leisure Centre, Oxford Road, Thame OX9 2BB  and you can find all the details by going to the website,  As well as the fantastic standholders, there is a splendid Sales Table, now famous Tombola and Raffle organised by the Thame club - Market Town Miniatures. The proceeds from these raise funds for BREAST CANCER CAMPAIGN.  Once again the club will have a splendid display of members' original miniature projects, which is always very popular.

If you're able to come along you'll have a lovely day in a friendly atmosphere  - do come and say 'hello'.  By the way, if you are hoping to come you might like to be reassured that as Thame is on a flood plain, which is working wonderfully well, the main roads are all fine, the 280 Oxford/Aylesbury bus service is running every 20 minutes or so and stops outside the Leisure Centre and Chiltern Railways train service to Haddenham and Thame Parkway (just two miles away and on the bus route) is unaffected by flooding too.

Thank you for looking .


jenann said...

Glad to hear that the flooding won't affect the fair. What a night it was last night - 100 mile per hour winds on top of water ingression - and we were as merry as mad march hares!
Mum, Grandpa Roland and Grandma Jean revived the Dunkirk spirit round here. Grandma has a piano and stool - grace of KT Miniatures - and my Mum had them lead everybody in singing such gems as Roll Out The Barrel. I don't know who is worse my Mum or Grandpa Roland!
Hope these little people find a little house of their own soon.
Jenni x

Robin said...

We know how lucky we are, and feel desperate for those of you who are having to battle with the weather and flooding. Good job you've got your Mum and the mini-oldies to keep you all going.
Take care.