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Sunday, February 16, 2014

More Small Characters - not forgetting 1/12th scale!

I have rather been concentrating on the smaller scales on these last few blogs - so many of you are 'downsizing' these days - but 1/12th scale characters haven't been forgotten and I've just finished a friendly old gardener to take up his place with the others. There are also some brand new accessories.

First up are this 1/24th trio all dressed in navy blue!  The policeman is in traditional uniform complete with wooden  truncheon and handcuffs and is pictured with the district nurse and the workman, who must be a carpenter I think to judge by the saws and chunks of wood in his bag.

We do have children too - this is a picture I have used before but I'm in the process of filling a sack of presents for a similar Father Christmas to take with him to The Thame Dolls House and Miniatures Fair on 22nd February....nothing like getting ready early for Christmas!

I've also been enjoying creating some little nursery pieces in this smaller scale, using some of the toys I occasionally make.As I'm generally known for 'shabby' it's been fun go 'chic' for a change and paint pretty flowers on pastel coloured chairs with delicate antique lace, silk ribbons and dainty patchwork rugs to show off the the wooden dolls and cuddly teddies. I'm hoping the gollies will be finished by the end of the week!

...and here's my old 1/12th scale gardener - I think he looks like an 'Arthur'. He's wearing an old fairisle pullover and has tucked a skein of raffia into his pocket for tying up his beans - he's pretty proud of those carrots!

Talking of gardening, I'm delighted that Celia Thomas is going to squeeze our new Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops prototype of the 'Round the Back of the Old Gardener's Cottage' scene onto her KT Miniatures stand at the fair - our stands are next to each other - and we're happy to tell you about the workshops. We shall have Booking Forms with us and if you're tempted to join us at our next workshop in Oxfordshire on April 26th there are only a few places left. Full details are on the website.  If you are one of the ladies coming in April - come and take a look at what you'll be making!
We are also hoping to find space for the 'Seaside Scene' which we created last year for The Victorian Seaside feature in Dolls House and Miniature Scene Magazine - this is for sale with 50% donated to Breast Cancer Campaign.  All reasonable offers will be must go...we're both running out of storage space!!

Thank you for looking


Serenata said...

They are all looking great and ready for new homes where I am sure they will fit in nicely!

Sounds like you have been busy, busy busy and I hope all goes well at the fair. Sorry to be missing it.

jenann said...

Oh, what a wonderful crowd of little people! Robin, I want an entire town of them to move in with us!
I'm having so much fun with my little people, though with current cramped conditions we can't work on Grandpa's growing portfolio of property very much just now (we now have 4 houses....!)
Hmmm, perhaps you could ask Arthur for a DNA sample so that we can adopt a cloned brother after your next workshop? Unless, of course, Arthur doesn't find a home at the fair, in which case he could be a tenant in our strange 1:16 downstairs/1:12 upstairs house. Need an adaptable tenant there...!
Enjoy the fair, hope it goes well.
Jenni xx

Robin said...

Thank you ladies - you're very good for my ego!
We're looking forward to the fair - if Arthur moves on I'm sure he'd have a cousin very much like him Jenni.

Susan said...

More fan mail from Downunder Robin! Aw mate, I'd go without food if it meant I could sponsor a whole township of your incredibly lovable characters to emigrate to Oz. My grand kids ask me when you're going to make a MiniGran to go with MiniGraff, I point to FagAshLil and tell them that's me ;) Your characters weave themselves into the story like they are the original. Love peeking at every one of them.

Robin said...

Ah...thanks Sus