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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Get That Hat!! Love That Doll!!

As write this blog - I'm taking time out from putting together lots of little pieces for the dollies, gollies and other toys to make up the kits needed for our next Nostalgia in Miniature Workshop - because this time we're not gardening in our imagined nostalgic little back garden, but playing..... if you'd like to know about the others just go to our website. .....which brings me neatly to my two friends Margaret and Sandra who, as brilliant miniaturists are much braver than me and are running online workshops shortly! Phew!!

It's almost time for the Online Show again, run by Shelly Norris! There are workshops running concurrently with this Show. 

 Margaret is offering to show you how to make a wonderful hat - to die for! The hat is a stunning wide brimmed silk in a choice of glorious colours with trimmings to match which you can display on a beautiful French bisque porcelain mannequin head which is included in the kit. For further details, go to:
Any questions, email Margaret:

Sandra has created a magical Rainbow Ballerina Toy Doll's Doll...and she's beautiful!! A crystal and feather headdress sets off the tiny dainty tutu and even teeny weeny ballet shoes - she's fully jointed too - the choice of colours is fantastic. Love her to bits!
Sandra's workshop details can be found at:  and you can always contact her at:

Go take a look ......I should of course have pictures....grabbing them from somewhere else is a techno-stretch too far me .... so just take a look.

Hope you're all enjoying summer.

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