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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Father Christmas and Some Little Friends....

Christmas is creeping up - rather too fast  - so it only seems fitting that Father Christmas should come with me to Haddenham Village Hall next weekend to add some festive appeal to the Coombe Crafts stand. Thought you might like a preview!

As you can see he's a 1/24th little chap and has some young friends with him hoping to find some lovely presents under their own Christmas trees this year. We'll have a selection of toys they might like too...

We're looking forward to attending The Haddenham Dolls House Exhibition and Fair on Saturday 23rd November in the Village Hall - Haddenham is easy to find conveniently situated  between Thame and Aylesbury - HP17 8EE.

This is always a lovely event and Freda and George Dorrell have organised it for years to raise funds for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and Lymphona and Leukaemia Research, showcasing the work of a number of local Dolls House and Miniature Clubs.  A small number of artisans have stands including us (Coombe Crafts) and KT Miniatures which means there's lots to look and and purchase too. Celia and I (KT Miniatures) will also be squeezing in our Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops display stand so if you'd like to know more do come and say 'hello' and take a look at  the unique projects that have been created in the workshops and find out about our exciting new one.

This year will be the last time that Freda and George organise the Exhibition so we all want to make it a very special day, have a lovely time, and swell the funds of these important charities to say thank you to two exceptional people.

Thank you for looking
p.s. If you're reading this P. - I'll take along your very special ordered Santa!


Serenata said...

Oh what fun, this isn't too far from me so I am hoping to attend my very first Dolls House Fair! I think I really will feel like a child in a toy shop!

Hoping you got the email I sent you?

Robin said...

Hi Serenata - do come and say hello. It's only small - but lovely! Just found your super blog! Sorry - not found your email try:
that shoudl get to me.

Serenata said...

Thanks Robin, I have sent you another email today - hopefully you will get it.