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Friday, November 8, 2013

It's All about Variety!

In the last two or three weeks I've sculpted and costumed down the miniature scales from 1/12th, then 1/16th down to 1/24th....haven't got on to the 1/48th characters I need to make.......but I will!

The rather grand late 18th Century gents in 1/12th scale were a super commission which allowed me a bit of fun with trimmings and posh wigging for a change - I enjoyed that!  They do have hats as you can see from the smaller picture, but they weren't fixed permanently to the heads so the new owner could decide if they were to wear them or not, so they do rather sit on top in the photo I'm afraid.

And next came the 1/16th family who are just about to take up residence as lodgers with the very nice old couple in Wales you met in the previous blog. Like everyone else I shall have to follow their adventures on Jenni's blog 
As you can see, they were created in a bit of a muddle!!

Then along come Hilda and May in 1/24th scale!  A couple of cheery ladies who look as if they might be off to brew up with their W.V.S. chums at the village hall during World War 2.

As I said at the's all about variety!
Thank you for looking


Susan said...

At the risk of repeating myself here but I fall in love with every single one of your creations Robin and these are no exception. Love the gracious gents, they have me wanting to dance a minuette, can't wait to see the new lodgers taking up residence, but the two old dears have completely stolen my heart. Must contact you shortly mate, RL has been getting in the way....

Serenata said...

Oh these are wonderful. I just love the little family that are going to live with Jenni and I also love the two little ladies Hilda and May - they are just perfect!

jenann said...

Your little characters are the most versatile and friendly miniature people I've ever met. I love the five who now live here and have a feeling that some 1:12s might be needed in a few months...but 1:48?! Hand me a magnifying glass, please!
Jenni x

Robin said...

Thank you all!! You give me such a boost - even when I'm running backwards, I always enjoy creatingnew little people.

Obat Aborsi said...

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