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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Who's Taken Our Tent?

If you pop into this Blog or the one Celia Thomas and I share, wearing our Nostalgia in Miniatures hats, you'll have gathered that we're in mid-preparation of the prototype vignettes in both 1/12th and 1/24th scale - bit of a problem for Dolly and Golly and their 1/24th friends though.......

So just where is their tent???? Ummm....we promise it will be there in time for their tea-party. If you want to join in and create your own, our LET'S ALL PLAY IN THE LITTLE BACK GARDEN WORKSHOP, to be held on September 1st in the vintage classroom at the lovely Waterperry Gardens in Oxfordshire, has just a couple of places left. Click HERE for our Nostalgia in Miniatures Workshops Website for all the details and/or get in touch with one us. Meanwhile - just where ARE those wheels for the pushchair......???

Yes it's still too hot to weed much for fear of disturbing the roots of established plants, but I happily dead-head first thing in the morning and often take my camera out.  Everyone's roses are fabulous this year and I've taken a few more pictures - hope you like them.  I know many of you love gardening too and I love seeing the photographs of your own gardens.

This is Rosa Gallica Versicolour - quite a mouthful - an old rose and my absolute favourite 
The aptly named 'Oranges and Lemons' 
'Blue For You'
I promise I don't grow  these roses next to each other - they'd certainly clash!!!  'Blue For You' has a wonderful scent too and grows well away from the more conventional colours next to a dark burgandy coloured Cotinus (Smoke Bush) and the dying Cotinus flowers float down like frothy confetti all over it.

Enjoy the sunshine, thanks for looking.

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