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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Quite some characters..........!

After the excitement of seeing The Victorian Seaside in print - time to get back to basics.  I've been working on some new characters who should be on their way to new homes soon. It's so interesting to know how they're to fit into existing houses or scenes.

I think Billy has delusions of grandeur and fancies himself as a footman at Downton Abbey - actually I believe he's the new pot boy at a rather less grand establishment - Oh well, he can dream.

This cheery couple are running a new tea-shop - he's obviously in the kitchen buttering the scones while I think it's his Granny who's been pressed into service and 'waiting on.....'

You may have seen one of my errand boys before, but they're always a little different and this chap is delivering round the village for the local grocer.

Silverstone and Lewis Hamilton were all over T.V. competing with Wimbledon last weekend, but in 1920s Brands Hatch was the place to watch the racing cars and that's just where these two chaps are going.

Just need to finish the postman before moving to another scale....

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Fabiola said...

Great work.
Greetings, Faby

Robin said...

Thanks Faby