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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Doctor in the House....

Actually I've had a rotten cold/'flu this last week so the thought of a Doctor on hand would have been quite appealing.
Fortunately this 1930s/40s Doctor and his wife were finished and posted before I completely succumbed.

Brief Blog then folks, just to introduce the Doc and his wife Penelope - in 1/12th scale.  It's not the greatest picture but I think I was a little wobbly when I took the photograph, so I hope you get the general idea.

Clearly a devoted couple, he's very 'correct' and I'm sure she's very much the perfect wife and is probably tidying her 'new' 1930s/40s house, right now so that it looks band-box fresh when he returns from the Surgery.

Thank you for looking


Minna Hatara said...

Doc and his wife look like a very nice couple! Penelope's dress is very pretty.

jenann said...

Now doesn't he look a professional medic? Penelope is also the epitome of house-wifely neatness. I'm sure she keeps a wholesome, healthy household, which Doc would clearly expect.
They are wonderful, Robin.
Jenni x

KT Miniatures said...

Lovely couple! Get well soon matey!! Celia

Serenata said...

They are wonderful Robin and look like the perfect couple indeed. Good old fashioned personal treatment on hand from the doctor and excellent home support from his wife. I can see her being involved in the WI.

Hope you are feeling better very soon.

Susan said...

The very proper doctor would order some rest and gentle occupations while you recover from the lurgy. Lovely wee peeps from your clever hands mate!!

Robin said...

Thank you all - you're a very kind mini-bunch! While I'm not up for running a marathon yet, I'm feeling much better.
I expect the fragrant Penelope would have been making me beef tea and plumping my cushions. Lol

Steinworks said...

what a cute couple, they would look great in a 1930/40's roombox too, I hope you are back to your old self again