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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Royal Navy and Wild Carrots.......

A lot of my dolls find their way over the Atlantic to U.S.A. and these are the latest to go airmail not ship!

As a rule my little old sailors - you've probably guessed these are 1/24th scale again - are pretty ancient, bearded, scruffy and definitely retired. However the call went out for two smart, distinguished R.N.Captains and here they may even see them at a fair near you!

In other news, Celia and I have just put up pictures of our latest old cottage garden in 1/24th scale, prepared for the next workshop on September 18th. 'Down the Little Garden Path' features a super 1930s-style aged cold frame, compost heap and hostas....with slugs. The slugs were a bit of a challenge is this scale!! If you'd like to see more pictures and up-to-date news just go to our workshops blog.

In garden news...because I KNOW I'm not the only blogger who loves flowers and gardening.....

Our Magnolia Grandiflora Exmouth is flowering as magnificently as its grand name and wafting a delicious lemony scent across the garden - and the bees love it!

A couple of years ago I bought some Giant Lily bulbs...and wondered if they would survive year on year and grow taller and taller until an eventual height of around 8-9ft as promised in the glossy catalogue. But WoW! This year they are fabulous again and have now reached around 6ft. Exciting!!

And finally a rather beautiful mistake - or at least I think so. I couldn't quite remember which plant I'd put in at the back of the border, but its ferny foliage got taller and taller so I decided to wait. That plant IS showing every sign of being 8ft tall.... And turns out to be a Wild Carrot! Whoops!
But the flowers are fantastic and curl inwards as they begin to set seed in an amazing and intricate arrangement. So although it's a bit of a gardening bloomer it's also a very happy accident......

Thank you all for looking


Julie said...

Your plants are beautiful Robin, its lovely to see everyones flowers and greenery. I do miss mine but enjoy seeinf all the piccys. I love your little chaps too, esp when they wear a uniform ;) xx
lots of love

Mary Williams said...

Love the old boys Robin, flowers are beautiful too,

Dave Williams said...

The old guys are fabulous Robin and the gardening feature once again looks so realistic.

Susan said...

Hullo Sailor! Oh Robin, you've outdone yourself with this pair, they're utterly gorgeous. Rather like your giant lilies and the wild carrot too.

Robin said...

Many thanks ladies and Dave!! I wondered if anyone would "Hullo Sailor" - nearly did myself....well done Sus!
It's all good fun - and the garden keeps me sane - well 'ish' Lol