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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Little last

It's been a while, but at last I've another group of 1/48th characters finished - not a moment too soon as I've been promising to have them on the stand at the Dollys Daydreams Fair in Thame on Bank Holiday Monday - 29th August! Phew!

These are always something of a challenge - the size being the obvious one. I also want them to be fully poseable and have characterful faces by the time 20 odd dolls are done, boy are my eyes are tired! Anyway here are a few for you to see.

After the fair any remaining will go on general sale and as usual I'll first email those who have been waiting. If anyone else would like to be contacted, please email to let me know. I'm sorry but I still don't feel that I can commit to making characters in this tiny scale to commission, so for now at least it is a case of choosing from the ones available. At the moment we are managing to keep the other 1/48th items in stock and we again have sets of sofas and easy chairs!

And now for something a little bigger. My very tiny tea pots pop up on many of our items, and here they are on some 1/24th scale breakfast trays.....still working in a muddle I'm afraid!

.........and some Teeny Tiny shelves in the same scale. These are designed to be 'hung' on a wall and only measure approx. 3/4ins high and 1in. wide.

Today's challenge has been photographing these really tiny items - I wish they were better.

Welcome to new Followers, it's lovely to have you along and I'll enjoy catching up with your blogs soon.

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Drora's minimundo said...

Your 1/48" tiny characters are unbelievable wonderful. Amazing work!

carmen said...


Mary Williams said...

I don't know how you make them small Robin, they're lovely.

Robin said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments - in answer to your question Mary.....very boring....practice mate!!!

julie campbell said...

They are great Robin, I honestly dont know how you have the patience, but the results are worth the eye strain !
julie xx

Robin said...

Thanks Julie