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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Blogging Year!!!

A year ago I tip-toed hesitantly into Blogland....with much encouragement from friends who assured me that I could do it!!

Twelve months on and I'm no longer hesitant about filling my blog with ramblings about our miniatures - and the garden when I can find an excuse - although the exciting technological add-odds, side bars and other twiddly bits do still faze me.
SO - thank you ALL!!!!!

I'm bemused that 95 friendly folk have chosen to Follow, reading on a regular basis and leaving such lovely comments too!
It's been such a great learning curve - and the enjoyment and inspiration from reading and following other blogs has been enormous. To be able to enjoy the creative talents of others who are so ready to share - and encourage - is a terrific privilege I think.

One of my favourite roses - Striped Tiger - fabulous heavily scented flowers, much deeper in colour than the photograph say.... 'Thank You'.

Berkaya - a mad , fun, bright spikey plant in my gravel garden .... for like-minded bloggers.

Thank you for the fun and the humour - from daft small dogs (and cats) to mini-disasters recounted with a chuckle - from around the world.

Coombe Crafts (me and 'im in the shed...sorry...workshop) endeavour to create original handcrafted work to a high standard and it has also been such a bonus to take these to a wider audience, acquiring new friends and customers along the way and meeting some new creative challenges. It's a fact that the 'customer' often has the best idea and translating that is such fun!!! I'm also grateful to those who've been kind enough to allow me to share their photographs on my blog.

Finally - it's a miniature blog - so here comes the promised early 1900s 1/24th scale racing driver all kitted out with his leather helmet, boots and goggles to take a turn round Brands Hatch with his lady watching from the stands.

See...I said I've learned a lot....the scarf or covering, right up over his face is to prevent injuries from flying stones and gravel as he hurtles around. Truly, there is a proper sculpted face under there!!

Thank you for looking!!!!!


Sandra Morris said...

Happy Birthday Blog!

Love the 1/24 racing driver and lady.


Drora's minimundo said...

Happy anniversary blog. I love what you write about starting your blog and completely agree with you. It's so much fun being to share your hobby with encouraging friends. Hugs

KT Miniatures said...

Happy 1st Blogging Anniversary to you matey......Celia

Robin said...

Cheers Sandra and Celia - who frequently keep me going or sort me out!!
Thanks for Following, and your kind comment Drora. Now I've found your blog too - love the's now on my 'to do' list!!

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary Robin! It has been a real pleasure meeting you and seeing your talent.

Mary Williams said...

Happy aniversary Robin, I knew you could do it

Robin said...

The pleasure has been mutual Susan - a bonus of the year!
Thanks Mary - for all the encouragement along the way.

Dave Williams said...

Well done on your first twelve months blogging Robin and it's still interesting reading, just got to love the racing driver and his lady friend.

Jennifer Rydell of Plushpussycat said...

Congratulations on one year and 95+ followers. You make really cute mini characters. I'm so glad I found your blog today!

Robin said...

Thanks Dave - and for all the encouragement!
Welcome Jennifer - I've found your blog too - love the plush critters!!