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Thursday, July 14, 2011

......on Peeling Paint, Pansies and Slugs......

If you've been following the exploits of Celia and I as we've embarked on our Nostalgia in Miniature Workshops.....the 'individual' details may appeal to you.....

I wonder ..... should I worry about her?? How does she sleep with those great big 1930s 'Woodworking Handyman" books, under her pillow??
For our new workshop on September 18th - "Down the Little Garden Path" - we decided upon an authentic cold frame - every garden had one! This meant much research - Celia loves that - she's besotted with the period.

After producing a beautiful cold frame with sliding glass cover, authentic rusty handle and peeling white paint...I think I disappointed her when I remarked airily "Oh yes - Uncle Norman had one like that." Well...I knew she'd produce something fabulous!

She got her own back and demanded Hostas! Not any old hostas, but authentic hostas....hostas with nibbles and holes......and slugs! And weeds. That, I was informed, was my department!!
To be fair the research for this was terribly easy!!

So...we've got peeling paint, slug-eaten hostas, weeds and a crazy-paved path....we need a bit of beauty in here.
In need of beautiful flowers we headed for Georgina Steeds at The Miniature Garden Centre and ordered purple pansies. Lovely!!!! I just hope I did her justice in making them up.

If you want pansies and other wonderful flower kits, just take a look at Georgina's blog for contact details as well. If you'd like see see pictures of the whole of the new garden in "Down the Little Garden Path Workshop" click here and go to the 2nd Garden Project. Booking details are all on the website as well.

Thank you for looking.


Dave Williams said...

You have got me wondering now about these photos, are they real garden items or are they miniatures, if they are miniatures, they are unbelievable.

Robin said...

You just couldn't have posted a nicer comment Dave!!!! These are from the 1/12th miniature garden.

Susan said...

Oh, drool! When you and Celia write a book I'll be your first customer!!

Robin said...

Thanks never know....