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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Posh Hats and Cabbages.....

It's a given that I like gardening.....and you won't be surprised to see another little gardener on this blog.

I do enjoy adding the little details that I hope bring my characters to life so the gardeners, whichever scale, usually wear a warm scarf, scruffy trousers and generally have some raffia tucked under a belt, ready for tieing up the tomatoes.
As a rule they are proudly showing off some produce from the a rule its a cauliflower or carrots that I've made. Now - a top quality food maker I ain't.......'adequate' about covers it....and I greatly admire those that make wonderful fruit and veg.

I thought my little gent deserved a fabulous cabbage and I've been looking for a good excuse to buy some of the amazing Savoy Cabbages made by Mouse House Miniatures who make some of the very best food I've seen. Although they don't have a website, you can contact them by email or see their wonderful work at one of the major fairs.

And now for someone completely different - wind back to the early 1900s and the first cars. As a lady passenger a new outfit was clearly required - and a rather important part would have been the hat. The car not being quite as sedate as a pony and trap, the huge and elegant hat needed to be secured very firmly with a enveloping and beautiful scarf!
A pair of new-fangled driving goggles would have completed the outfit and as racing cars became a new and fashionable sport Brooklands racing car circuit and aerodrome was certainly the place to be seen.

She's really waiting for someone to drive her....he's waiting for a helmet..... but when that's done I'll bring him to the blog.

Thanks for looking.


KT Miniatures said...

Your little figures make me smile Robin-super as always! As for that Mouse House cabbage, my goodness....has to be one of the most realistic mini cabbages on the market. I think I shall definitely seek them out shortly, when I need some high quality mini food!Nice to see the pics. Celia

Mary Williams said...

They both fab Robin, I lover her outfit,
Mary x

Mags Cassidy said...

Fab dolls. Love that hat!
I have a collection of Mousehouse food in one of my houses - I love it.

Dave Williams said...

Savoy cabbage looks very real to me and the lady with the hat, well she is fabulous.