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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fag Ash Lil' .......... went to the Fair

Fag Ash Lil', the last 1/12th doll I was trying to finish prior to the fair on Monday, did go to the fair - and liked it so much she came back home so that she could go to the next one!!

The moral of this story - that all makers will recognise - is that you NEVER sell the last thing you stayed up late to finish!!

We had a good fair on Monday - and have lots of gaps, so 'must work hard'. It was lovely to catch up with old friends amongst the other stallholders, and the visitors too.
I thought in an effort to demonstrate that I am still making 1/12th characters, even though 1/24th has rather taken over lately, I'd picture this old retired sea captain in his fetching yellow wellies, who is off to a new home after a visit to the fair.
As a rule, when shadows are cast, I abandon all attempts to take pictures of my work - but this was such a great shadow......

If you have read the last couple of posts, you will have seen that 1/48th was temporarily taking me over. The response to the dolls and furniture on Monday was just terrific, and all the dolls have found new tiny homes. Thank you for all the lovely comments on that last post - yes my eyesight is being challenged....thank you son!

Finally, just to squeeze in 1/24th - these ponies with their riders. I'd like to say I made the ponies too - but I have changed them quite a lot from their original 'look' (as you do) and the leather tack is all mine.

I hope everyone else at a Fair over last weekend had a great time.


julie campbell said...

LOL Robin,a moral we have all learned !I sat uplate saturday night finishing last minute things for a fair on sunday and then had my quietest ever show !
It was quiet all round and if I had breen paid for each compliment I might have covered costs LOL
On the bright side though, I'm not worried about miniatura stock !
So glad you had a great fair and I love those little horses and riders :0)
julie xxx

Sandra Morris said...

Ah yes...the law of diminishing returns as applied to miniature artisans.
I expect we have all struggled to finish 'just one more' piece before a fair. I am always convinced that the last thing I sit up late finishing will just fly off the stand.


Good to hear you had a good day though.

Kel said...

Ah well Fag Ash Lil is particularly enjoying living in my dolls house! haha! Obviously a younger version! I do love her.. so does everyone who visits!

Was sad to not be able to make the fair this week!


KT MIniatures said...

Aaaah....Fag Ash Lil always makes me smile! She reminds me of my old grandma! Love your chap in the yellow wellies too....!

Robin said...

Thank you all!
Ah Fag Ash 'Lil...I think the oldest must be about 20 years old now, if she's still around! They are always different, and I hope they've got better - wish I'd kept count.Lol.